March 15: Beware of dud dates


March 15

Now is the time for all good boys and girls to come to the aid of each other.

The Games People Play in Date-World ( Hide and Seek, Bluff and Bravado, Liar Liar Pants on Fire, Hard to Get) are a waste of time.

Admit it.

Todd, from the East Bay is the cocky Physician’s Assistant is a “why waste time getting to know one another when you can learn all you want getting horizontal in bed, on the first date. And if the woman isn’t “in,” he is so out of there – fast. He has a lot of first dates.

Moira used to post on Cragislist that she was lonely. She says  got a lot of action. Then CL blocked her pithy pleas for hook ups. She worked hard to find just the right guy. He was the perfect dinner and a movie boyfriend.  

However, he wasn’t good for picnics, road trips, museums, hikes, long drives to….just about anywhere. Her pals gave her their Tahoe cabin for a week. He refused to go. She begged…he agreed and rarely left the condo in five days. Instead they spent hours sitting in the living room talking about their relationship. She happily moved on. Next.

To Tell the Truth – Not just an old TV SHOW.

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“Come to Dinner!” Once upon a time…

Why did Meadows trott out Lynne Patton?




Rep. Mark Meadows Republican-North Carolina is considered one of President Donald Trump’s closest allies in Congress.


Today, at the Cohen Hearings, Meadows, Trump’s so-called leading congressional ally trotted out Lynne Patton. Who?

Lynne Patton was a party planner who scored a job at HUD! Bam!   Patton’s job at HUD pays $160,000 a year.


Meadows used Patton to  challenge Michael Cohen’s assertion that Trump is racist.

(Patton has worked for the Trump clan since 2009, according to her LinkedIn profile. )

Recently she was an “Unpaid vice president” at the Eric Trump Foundation, where she planned major fundraising events.cropped-new-years-eve-1905142__3401.jpg

Lynne Patton went from party planner to the third of 10 HUD regional administrators named by the administration.

 1.Beth Van Duyne, an early Trump supporter and former mayor of Irving, Texas, was awarded the top spot at HUD’s Fort Worth office in April, covering five states. 

2. The administration installed Joe DeFelice, a Republican organizer and Trump supporter, at the helm of HUD’s regional office in Philadelphia.

and then there is Lynne...and Mark Meadows – transparent and manipulative.

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From Party Planner to HUD Employee?




Green when it comes to dating?

Dating neophytes…get smart quick

Laurel Grove loves...

herd of cattle in daytimeHenry and Jeff are twins, 52, single again and looking for new wives.  One brother is divorced and the other is a widow of long standing. The brothers run the family ranch near Gilroy and recently sold hundred-plus acres to a Google majordomo. They made a ton of money- and are beginning to downsize and re-think Life 101.

To say they’re laughing all the way to the bank only begins to describe their glee.   On a whim, Jeff decided to get a grip on Dating 2018. He had heard about a famous blonde San Francisco matchmaker. She and her mother advertise their services in slick, glitzy magazines. His curiousity was piqued. Jeff may be in ranching – he is no hayseed. A Stanford grad – Henry attended college 20 miles away at Santa Clara University – both men are savvy and a little shy in the…

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Hiding behind the mask: a first date

photo of women wearing masks
Time to Take off the Mask
Dating 101: Great Advice
Step into the Light 
“Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone,
and as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
Marianne Williamson

Laurel Grove loves...

Date_oneJohnny and Jane met online. Perhaps she went a little fast. She will readily admit to not “Reading all the words.” She skims, looks at pictures of men served up on the online dating sites and gets excited.

She pushes the “Send” Button way too soon.

Johnny is a CPA named “John,” during the day. He works for a pretty famous company – and has been with this Fortune 400 company for over 2o years.

After 6:oo pm, the necktie and Hush Puppies disappear. John does a metamorphosis  and, bingo! he is Johnny. He posted photos of himself in leathers, near his bike, with a helmet, mostly not.

Women either love it or loathe it. Jane like that Johnny rode a bike, liked adventure, and wanted to join  a Club for couples who ride. He was cute – hiding behind the mask of sunglasses.

What the heck, she responded to his, “Hi…

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America scorns and Saudi Arabia lies kills… Tourism

Americans enraged with the Lies of Saudis

Jared is Confused The Crown Prince is, too


  • Saudi Crown Prince, mBS, is suspected of being behind the death of  Jamal Khashoggi.
  • SA has denied this… and its latest account of Khashoggi’s death says the killers went behind the prince’s back. Really?   Methinks, not.
  • The mBS was simply “shocked” to see that Khashoggi’s disappearance provoked such World Wide Outrage,
  • And he asked 45’s son in law  Jared Kushner why it was happening!?! 

  • mBS also grew angry, whiny, pissy…. why was  Khashoggi’s disappearance turned

  • into such a big diplomatic crisis?!?