Psst! I’ve got a secret…don’t tell anyone

We are six girls who grew up together…

We attended the same college- lived in the same dorms and have remained close friends for over 20 years.

We exchange birthday gifts, Christmas cards, floods of emails and celebrate ourselves at an annual “retreat” at Yosemite.

We share one dark secret that no one ever discusses, anymore.

Sophomore year, we all attended a kegger at one of the frat houses. Campus police had warned every girl on campus  not to drink the nefarious Frat Punch. We heard too many nightmare stories and as a result, we drank our home-made yummy pink Lemonade/Vodka slushes throughout college.

At the Homecoming warm up party we ran into the twins, Tim and Thomas from Seattle. They were cute, outgoing and very  popular. They joined us – and we went to three parties that night. One of the twins had too much to drink and got a little weepy. Siobhan and I sat with him as he rambled about this Catholic priest. A bad priest from his hometown. We spent an hour listening to him. Long story short: the sicko priest had been abusing lots of the boys in town. We listened with great sorrow and compassion. Something happened – campus police busted the party and we all hugged and went to our respective dorms. We talked long into the night.

The Campaign Commenced

Siobhan’s dad was a Los Angeles police officer and her uncle was some higher up in the Catholic faith- a bishop or archbishop. The next day, she was on the phone with her dad and the rest of us researched Father NoName. In no time, we had his name, parish address and phone number. Three of us are English majors and our fingers used to fly over typewriter keys.We started a stealth, anonymous campaign to get this priest “in trouble.”

Within four weeks, we wrote, multitudes of letters, called the right people, contacted newspapers and contacts of contacts and Father NoName was removed from his parish. Was possibly arrested. Relocated. The trail grew cold.

You can google Father NoName all day long. You won’t find him.

We made him disappear.



Evasive Action


Poor Old Chuck Grassley 84 and out of it


They urged Chuck to step down – a decade ago – and the old Iowa guy didn’t have a hobby or a happy life…all he knew was going to the office.

Well the “annual gift” from the NRA was sweet – the limos, the lunches and free airfare.

He pretends to know about Estate Tax.

Truth: Only 120 people filed estate tax returns in Iowa last year.


For decades they have called the old guy  call him “Grass Ass” and “Clueless” in Iowa. He says folks in Iowa “Are spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.” 

PicMonkey Image-39

He tired to sell his car on


Marty in Marin went on to sell his Tesla Lease…

He wrote- “I’m hot, I’m single and if you take my Lease – I’ll take you out to dinner.”

I’ve got a 2016 Tesla Model S 90D 300 mile range, All Wheel Drive, Free Supercharging for life! Factory Warranty for duration of lease 15 months remaining on lease 20,500 remaining miles on lease (approx 1350 miles/month remaining) Dude: No down payment required! Assume lease payments at $1295/month
Reach out for more for details or to set up appointment for viewing and cocktails

This is a Classic What Not to Do Online.


Pai in your face?


Mr Pie, new chairman of the FCC was a top lawyer at Verizon.

Now he’s calling for a vote to Kill Net Neutrality.



JOIN DEC 7.  protests at VERIZON retail stores across the U.S. to demand

that Congress stop Verizon’s Puppet FCC from

destroying the Internet as we know it.

They used to be real swingers


When they were young, wild and unencumbered with husbands and kids, these girls could party. They worked in the same office and at 5:05 pm, most nights, they were perched on barstools in the sports bar next door.  A few cocktails and a bites of free appetizers was all they needed.

After a wild ride with the start up, the firm closed in the night and disappeared. Cicley, in Accounting was aware things were going awry and gave her friends a heads-up. They had all started looking for jobs and were hired, enmasse, by a competitor.

One by one, the girls met boys and fell in love and were married. Motherhood slowed down the partying and the cocktail parties. For a couple of years. The friends decided they needed a monthly party night and they have been laughing and quaffing for thirty two years.


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To tell the truth? Not happening


The Cast of Characters: Who are you going to believe?

The attorney who  forgot his wife works in the White House? The then 30-year-old preying upon young teenage girls?

Sarah – Spinner of Lies -with in almost straight face?

A president in bed with the most evil Russian,  Putin?


“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

Bertrand Russell