I wanted a diamond ring…


She grew up hearing that  Diamonds were a girl’s best friend…

and Dogs were a man’s best friend.

Worked for her.

Flash Forward a couple of decades and she still subscribed to The Diamond Rule.

She aspired to be half of a Hot Couple like Napolean and Josephine, Scarlett and Rhett, Eros and Psyche, Dante and Beatrice…

She met Richard K and within two weeks was very smitten. They both enjoyed short hikes, long lunches, movies, trees, shopping for and cooking dinner with a bottle of great wine. They both dabbled in ballroom dance and had fun in each other’s arms.

They entertained gracefully and theirs friends all knew they were  “The Couple” in love and dedicated to one another. She had images of rings dancing in her head.

Their second Christmas together, she had a keen sense that there would be a Little Blue Box under the tree.

Unfortunately, she was only partially right. Bristling with joy, she opened the small box and found a pair of silver earrings. 

Her heart fell. Her smile evaporated. Tears fell from her eyes. She was sad, then mere moments later, she was apparently very angry. 

She glared at him and in a hoarse whisper said, “What were you thinking? Earrings? I wanted a diamond!”

His smile froze and he look perplexed.

Loudly, she encouraged him to leave (actually, much stronger, angry words raced out of her mouth) as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

Baffled, he backed out of the kitchen, grabbed his keys as he dodged the pillows she was throwing at him. Her screams became louder. 

She made a big mistake.



Ten Powerful Words – Dan Rather

“You have done enough.

Have you no sense of decency?”


Dan Rather writes:

“These are the immortal words of army lawyer Joseph Welch in response to Senator Joseph McCarthy during the communist witch hunts of the 1950s. They are sadly just as apt today.

I do not like rising to the bait of the tweets of President Trump. But this morning’s demeaning, sexist, and scurrilous attack on Mika Brzezinski cannot go unmentioned. I have known Mika for many years. We were colleagues at CBS News and she is a fearless and fair journalist. I also knew her late father, Zbigniew, who was President Carter’s national security advisor. The fact that this attack comes while Mika is still mourning his death only adds to the outrages and disgust.”


He had me on “hello, darling”

PicMonkey Image-17

I love a man in a skirt.

A kilt, really. Women around the world have a fascination with a man bold enough to don a kilt.

San Franciso is famous for many things, and Wm Glen and Sons – the Kilt Capital of the Free World/West Coast branch is Mecca for men seeking the perfect Kilt ensemble.

PicMonkey Image-16

Ask any woman the first time she met a man in a kilt and she will quote – chapter and verse- the when and the where.

Brenan Burke, bachelor and bon vivant, wears a kilt to every wedding he attends. He never leaves alone.

Memory is a magnet. It will pull to it and hold only material nature has designed it to attract.

Jessamyn West




Another gold digger? And striking gold

three_sites_10Denise was ready to give up on Dating.

She started with Plenty of Fish – traweled around for a couple of months – got the courage up to meet several men for coffee and quickly realized each man was a creative writer and looked nothing like his photo and had exaggerated about his life.

“Handsome Bob” was not divorced yet – was still living with his wife – in separate bedrooms. Next! “Your Dream Come True” – never married, 44, was not an author or a painter – he was unemployed and looking for a Sugar Mommy.  “Kiss Me Today” was not “tall, dark and handsome” as he suggested, twice, in his profile. He was 5’5 just like her,  and shared that he was on a diet…he had a “thing” for discovering the Very  Best donuts in San Francsico and had “put on a few lbs.” Adios!

After a short hiatus,  an acquaintance told Denise to try Millionairematch.com The woman explained,  “You meet a different cleintele.” Withinin minutes of scouring the site she knew it was a scam and a farce. The poorly written  web pages made her cringe. Gold Digger was written all over the sophomoric site.


Desperate, Frustrated and Curious

Minutes before she was going to reach out a hire a Matchmaker, something urged her to do a quick  look at the Yelp reviews for local Matchmakers. The reviews made her stop in her tracks. She was so grateful to get “the real story” and  taken aback by the multitude of 1-star ratings and warnings.

Threee months later, on a whim, Denise went to a class reunion with three of her best college friends. She was the only one divorced  and her friends said they would find her a “Date for Life.” In the buffet line, Denise stood behind a guy she had taken Speech Class with Frosh year. He was memorable because during his speech on how to Swing a Golf Club, he had broken a window. Class erupted in laughter and was dismissed. She tapped him on the shoulder and said, “I remember you: Fore!” George laughed and got the reference immediately. They sat together at dinner….and at breakfast the next morning. And the next morning, too.

And so it began.