Memories…Cats and dating


red door20111001-11

Everybody hated Cats on Broadway

People caterwauled their disdain for the felines frolicking on stage.

All except, Alan.

A rabid fan,while at grad school at Cooper Union,  he saw Cats 25 times in three years. If any friend, relative, or mere acquaintance arrived in New York – he would score low-priced TIX and “treat” the unsuspecting victim.

Flash forward, Alan (29, single, chess savant, hiker) now lives in San Jose – hangs out in Los Gatos and is Mr His penchant for bad musicals has morphed into a burning desire to be in a long-lasting, for real, romantic, committed relationship.

The Secret: He won’t admit to anyone that he has created an Excel spread sheet – history and analysis of his myriad dates: a who, what, when and what he did he wear and – the piece d’resistance – the Outcome.


Memories: He has erased all “memories” his Cats frenzy and currently thinks of himself as a pretty cool cat. You say “Cats” and he throws his head back and laughs and says, “Hey, dude that was a long time ago -I am drawing a blank.” And thats it. A silly chapter in his life – c’est fini!

Clever boy. Can you do that? Erase a bad chapter with a smile and a dash of bravado?

colored-pencils-374771__180Drawing a Blank


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