Rise up and Speak up, ladies


Now is the time for all good girls to shred their Emily Post’s…

 and tell it like it really is.


No More Little Miss Nice Girl 

For aeons, women have embraced all forms of etiquette and proper behavior when it comes to dating decorum and affaire de coeur. However, finally, there is a major shift happening. Women are rising up.  And now, in a Network  kind of way, more women are screaming, “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!” 

More than just a Sadie Hawkins and Bumble Movement

Voices: Over Twenty-five women on Santana Row (at and around: The Counter, YardHouse, LB Steak, Maggianos)  said they are more apt to ask a man out than they were a few years ago. The resounding theme was – “Why wait? Guys are shy or slow.”

The ladies have spoken. First mad as hell at the dating scene – now taking initiative and having more fun.

What say you? Are you up for it?




Sally of Frivolous Flirting Fame



Sally is a really big flirt.  You know the type. She is all about big hugs and kisses and touching your hand, your leg, whispering sweet nothings. 

She flirts at Whole Foods, at Cahill Cleaners,  Hannah’s Bakery and at stoplights, even at funerals.

She claims she meets the nicest men at funerals.

Sally is perpetually 39. Along time ago, she decided she would never be 40. She invented the famed “Jack Benny: Do not ask, do not tell Anti-Aging Club.”

Last year, she signed up for a Pole Dancing class in Los Gatos.

The class attracted three kinds of women: lithe and limber 20-somethings, exhibitionists and “Barbie dolls,” women who had so much work done- they were bound and determined to show it off.1024x1024-8

She decided against the Pole Dancing and switched to Belly Dancing. She invested both a lot of time and money into the class and her very pretty, very risqué costume. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she will  display her dancing prowess upon request – or after a few Moscow Mules.

Recently, Ms Flirtatious discovered she was really very good at Bocce Ball. One afternoon at Campo de Bocce and bam! a star was born. Not only do single men flock to Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos- her bowling, softball and luck all enhanced her playing technique. She was an overnight sensation. Every pun intended.

The Queen of Flirts: Mae West

Sally says her new mantra is from her idol, Mae West”

“It isn’t what I do, but how I do it. It isn’t what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it.

Flirt early and Flirt often!



Dating- why all the fight or flight?


Cougars are a breed unto themselves: Older women praying for and preying on younger men. Next!


Sugar Daddies, erroneously think lots of money will buy them love. And will argue their case… Next!

Little Ms ShopAround, wants her boyfriend to lavish love, attention, and things upon her. He loves her. She loves “things.” She adores strolling down Santana Row on his arm – shopping, flirting, manipulating her arm candy to buy her a trinket here, a  drink there, tapas here and cruise into the Tesla showroom to slink into the front seat and swoon. She wants him to buy her evidence of his affection: a Ted Baker trinket, a Kate Spade bag, a Tommy Bahama Retro Mini dress. Worn out and happy to serve, he concurs with high hopes for “horizontal time with his honey.”


Then she gets whiny, tired and like a petulant princess, she pitches a fit. Again.

Waking Up in Hard To Do

Tired of being a punching bag and a “free lunch,” he wakes up; his wallet lighter and his heart heavy and he leaves the scene of the crime  her abuse and manipulation.

No fight – just flight. Next!


Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.

Sun Tzu

Long Ng – a San Francisco Legend

In 1848, San Francisco exploded – it went from a sleepy, little village to a boomtown, overnight.

Gold was discovered and men from all over the world came to San Francisco Bay and traversed to the famous gold mines to make their fortunes.

It was a rough and tumble, rowdy time.

Shopkeepers and rooming houses were making a killing and quickly building store, cafes, and hotels.

Far, far away, in a small cow-town called Stockton, a beautiful young women, Long Ng, heard the news of the overnight explosion and the thousands of men who were landing in San Francisco bay each week. An exquisite seamstress, and and entrepreneurial business woman, she bravely hired a buggy, paid the driver with clothes for his six children and set off for the City.images-86

As legend has it, she noticed men arriving in lightweight pants, which were worn and torn in no time. She bought yards of cotton, sailcloth, denim and created much needed rugged pants for the droves of men arriving, each day.pexels-photo-531759.jpeg

Long Ng  set up the first clothing factory in San Francisco. Denim was her most successful fabric and the radical factory was the first female-owned, first company  to sell denim work pants to the gold miners.


Some nefarious guy name Levi waltzed in one day and stole her idea. Not to be undone, she started a men’s clothing store on a lane called Grant Street. Men from the gold fields spent money like water. Then she built two hotels and restaurants. The high demand for clothing inspired her to build an emporium where she sold clothes, household and supplies. She opened six more stores in two years. 

And the rest is history.