Dating in the Slow Lane: Love me Tinder? Love me True?


Dating in the Slow Lane

Love me Tinder? Love me True?

Chad, in my office, asked me out to go “foraging.” I don’t forage. I shop. Climbing around the woods looking for mushrooms and old rocks is something I loved when I was 10. 

He left a brown rock on my desk the following Monday. I know it was him. I like jade, amethyst, turquoise, emeralds. My brown rock days are over.

Timothy asked me if I wanted to go for coffee. I did. We sat in the coffee shop for an hour laughing and talking. He had bizarre room mates, whispered that he actually liked Rom Coms and Costco was his favorite store. We went out for three weeks when the best Papyrus greeting card arrived.

It read:

Dear Jelly,

It’s time


Peanut Butter.

He wrote a very sweet, smart, thought filled note.

That’s all it took.







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