In the arms of Morpheus? Not so much.


We agreed to a safari in South Africa.

I did all the research, found the perfect guides and highly reputed company. I booked the flights, the over-nights, the connections. I got the cute safari clothes, sunscreen, and hats. Ta Da!

He had one little concern: sleeping. He hated cots, sleeping bags, sleeping on the ground, bugs, snakes, and noise. Other than that, he was ready to go!

Jet Lag and jaguars 

We arrived, met our guides, got acclimated, were dressed to the ‘T’ for a superb safari experience.

He made one grave error. He bought one paperback for the trip. Hemingway. He became fixated on Francis Macomber.

The splendid short story tells about a shooting safari and one chap who has a bad day. A terrible, horrible, very bad day. No need to get stuck on it. The Old Man and The Sea is a redemptive story. Well, jet lag, lack of sleep, no sleep aids and he was a basket case. He just knew he would turn into a Francis.

The next day, we withdrew from the Safari.

Upon arrival in Northern California – I withdrew – ready for a long happy life.




3 thoughts on “In the arms of Morpheus? Not so much.

    • Thanks for asking. It’s a very complicated story…Yes, I was ready to continue on the Safari when I found out that my mother had a stroke – severe and complicated. Through lots of connections, pulling strings, good fortune and pure luck, I was upgraded 1st class and flew home to care for my mother. Did you read ‘Francis Macomber’? Quite moving…as was I. Moving on.


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