Hiding behind the mask: a first date


Johnny and Jane met online. Perhaps she went a little fast. She will readily admit to not “Reading all the words.” She skims, looks at pictures of men served up on the online dating sites and gets excited.

She pushes the “Send” Button way too soon.

Johnny is a CPA named “John,” during the day. He works for a pretty famous company – and has been with this Fortune 400 company for over 2o years.

After 6:oo pm, the necktie and Hush Puppies disappear. John does a metamorphosis  and, bingo! he is Johnny. He posted photos of himself in leathers, near his bike, with a helmet, mostly not.

Women either love it or loathe it. Jane like that Johnny rode a bike, liked adventure, and wanted to join  a Club for couples who ride. He was cute – hiding behind the mask of sunglasses.

What the heck, she responded to his, “Hi, you look cute,” opening line.

They exchanged fifteen emails; both were highly curious about the other- and not wanting to appear too aggressive. Finally, Johnny asked Jane for coffee. She agreed. They met the next day and she was visibly taken back by his “costume” and size and noise of the huge, silver and black  motorcycle. Jane is a petite, Vespa kind of a girl.  She was wearing a brand new, really cute skirt.

He had dreams of taking her to Pacifica. After seeing him all dressed up, with the noisy machine, she ‘remembered’ an appointment. She kicked herself for not paying attention to details- all his photos were on or near the motorcycle. He asked if she would like to meet for lunch since they both worked downtown. Nervous and embarrassed, she agreed.

That Monday afternoon, Jane met John. She really liked John. And so it begins.couple-437987__180


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