Dance Lessons with the beautiful Ms Von Tresky


In grammar school, Ms Von Tresky taught ballroom dance to the students starting in fifth grade. By eighth grade, every student knew the Box-Step, the Cha-Cha- Cha,  the Swing and the Waltz.

Every year, Michael St George was selected to be Ms Von Tresky’s partner. No one knew why he was the favorite. All the boys were jealous that he got to be the ‘assigned partner.’

Every boy in the middle school had a crush on  Ms Von T. She was very pretty,  Breck Shampoo model pretty – blonde with swimming pool blue eyes.  Compared to the nuns in the school, she wore beautiful clothes. They noticed. The envious boys teased Michael and he smiled broadly as he sauntered up to dance with prettiest women the boys had ever seen every month.

At the eighth grade graduation party in the auditorium, all the kids danced and showed off. No one Waltzed or did the Box Step – on purpose. The girls want to Cha Cha Cha, and Frug, and Shimmy and Twist and Shout. The boys were well-trained in dance etiquette and were miffed when girls said  “No” they were going to sit a dance out. It didn’t take long for the boys to see  all the girls wanted to dance with Michael St George.

Flash Forward – and at every school reunion, the girls flock to charming Michael, the best dancer in the whole school and the boys-into-men, still can’t figure out how Michael scored holding MsVon T in his arms every month.

A mystery.



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