Sleeping around and around…The Layers

“Layers” was our code name for the girls who ‘slept around’ in college.

We didn’t want to call them sluts. Harlots was too harsh. And tarts was too cute of a word to use. We were all English Majors and the Layers were Sociology Majors…Why? Because they “Liked people.” Duh.

There were a band of them – easy to spot – easy to hear – as they yelled to one another, using their last names only.


When they moved off campus – we lost track of them. Life moved on.Everyone once in awhile, at a reunion or a birthday party, one of us will say,”Remember the Layers?” And we do. Still.

Turns out, one of them teaches kindergarten in the Valley, another is a dentist and the really wild one got accepted and then kicked out of the convent.

We were all 20 years old. Mere babes. Who knew?

Who knew anything?


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