Prefer Experiences to products, stuff, gifts. Really?

woman-863122__1802016-The New York Times reports that

“One out of four Millennials prefer Experiences over Products.”

2020 Update

Tiffany and Chad rode elephants in India and Africa. Took hot air balloons over the Serengeti, and jumped with the very tall Masai African tribe. Cool.

They paid lots of lira to pick grapes in Italy for that winemaker- they wanted the true feeling of making wine. Their backs hurt after two long days.

They dropped a few francs at the Parisian bakery when they learned how to make bread. The blazing ovens and older men in ragged T-shirts smelling to high heaven of BO made the experience so “authentic.” They got a free loaf of bread for the $500 ‘gift” to the baker.

Then they paid really big bucks to experience spelunking and assisted Park Rangers clearing out that guano in the caves in Carlsbad.

Her mother was a “tree hugger,” so Tiffany decided to outdo her mother and scale a Redwood tree with Chief Big Smoke in Garberville, Humboldt County. It was exciting although somewhat frightening as the Chief seem to get higher and higher and he wasn’t even climbing the tree. His gibberish coaching her from the ground was ‘the real thing.’ She climbed down after a couple of yards. It was “So exciting.”


Chad wanted to “round up wild horses” and skipped catalog pages for the Dude Ranches to locate “A man, a shed, and a rope.” The real cowboy let Chad shovel hay in his barn for six hours. Then he let him move two dozen bales of hay into the truck; at the barn he go to use a Hook and pulley to get the hay to the top lofts. Chad said he felt like a “real man.” He paid $500 for the real cowboy feel and his back ached for days.

The two loved Sundance films and heard about the opportunity to be a “gaffer” and schlepp for an Indie film crew. For $1000 they could be on the set, move props, and “hold mics” for eight hours. Glam!


Beer, here! Then they spent $2500  to make designer beer at home. They moved the cars out of the garage and let the bottling begin

She drew handmade labels for the bottles. Evidently, They missed one small detail regarding – fermentation or something. They heard a loud explosion in the middle of the night- and realize they had missed an important step in beer making.


That was the final final.

Tiffany screamed, “I’m done! I don’t want no stinking experiences! I want beach vacations, room service, terry cloth robes, and massages. We can buy our own beer at BevMo!”


For Posterity

One thought on “Prefer Experiences to products, stuff, gifts. Really?

  1. I have to say I fall in the category of “wanting experiences”, however, no one can say they haven’t felt the lure of paying $40 for the commemorative photo pack or some such item. This idea is worth noting. I didn’t think about this in great detail until your posting.

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