Do this and never do that: condo crazy


All my life, I have been getting “Good advice.”  My friends and family are very free with tips, advice and insights.

When it came time to purchase my first condo, I listened to a cacophony of amateurs. Who knew some many people knew so little about real estate? I found out the hard way.

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Call it serendipity a fluke, chance or fate, I met the best real estate agent crossing the street.

I knew I wanted live in downtown San Jose. One Saturday morning,  I was highly caffeinated and ready to start looking at various condos. An attractive blonde woman and I were both leaving Whole Foods and crossing the Alameda.  In unison, we said “Good morning.” She noticed fliers in my hand and asked if I was looking at real estate


Long story short, Catherine was going to a building where she represented several sellers and was hosting an open house. She gave me a glossy flier and invited me to come by to look at a one bedroom loft


I’m a skeptic, I’m a cynic, I’m afraid

Buying another condo in a new town a really big deal. I’ve made a few mistakes in my time and I wanted to avoid them the second time around.

I sat in my car for 15 minutes –and  Googled  Catherine, read her multiple, sterling Yelp reviews. Very impressive.  I walked over to the open house.

I’ll never be able to play poker

It’s very hard for me to have a “Poker face.” Catherine greeted me at the door, advised me to slip on some booties and suggested I  explore. Within 60 seconds. I was in love with the loft. It was everything I ever dreamed of… seriously. After my tiny place in San Francisco, I was looking for: cathedral ceilings, closets galore, parking, washer and dryer in unit, gym…did I mention parking?


Best advice? 

“A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.”  Grantland Rice

I was signed, sealed and delivered within no time.

Best decision.


See: Catherine Gortner

A Piece of Advice


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