San Francisco: tough place to live?

It takes more than drive and determination to live in San Francisco



Living in the City -it’s not just the 40+ hills one must master…there is the Rent problem…Rents are higher than any hill in the City…the density -whoa! when did it get so crowded? Condos and apartments are mushrooming all over San Francisco, the city by the bay. (B-A-Y)

My former landlord, Daisy, lives in a mansion in Hillsborough with a very long drive way  and vast, pristine, gardens. How do I know? She insisted I drive – rush hour Friday- to give her a full month’s rent. No, Saturday would not do.

The Olympic Club Member sticker on her black Mercedes shone in the sun.

She was an unhappy woman. Brittle. Cold.  Who, with her husband, bought numerous building in San Francisco. Googling them was easy…understanding the rude and dismissive behavior wasn’t.  I was just another rent check.13151714_1337383099611585_2931419872141676298_n

No garage – parking in San Francisco

No Garage  grew old, month number two. My heavy-set neighbor upstairs rolled her desk chair all over the wooden floors and had a hyena laugh. The springs on her metal  bed keened under the weight of her and beau-dujour.

The paper thin walls, 1960 aluminum widows leaking cold foggy winds and rent increases were the all  needed to move South, young woman, move South

I had the drive and determination to get outa dodge…




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