The Divorce Court Judge Judy Wannabe


(This letter was written by an incensed witness to court room behavior involving am infamous Family Court Judge)

Dear Wannabe Judge Judy,

Your antics from the bench today were, indeed, theatrical. (Did you think there a TV scout from Court TV in the audience?)

You roiled, raged and raved – surely there must have been hidden camera to warrant that kind of drama. Despite your efforts to be erudite and sage, you missed the whole dynamic. I am sorry to say,  that Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course failed you miserably.

More to the point – it failed her.

  • I think you did a speed reading sprint over the documents presented and you rushed.
  • You rushed to have the lawyers settle the case and free up the calendar.

However, in the haste – your haste- in not grasping the gravity of what that divorce was all about you made an egregious error.

Do you think of yourself as a peacekeeper? A peacemaker? When in actuality, you spoke of those “Pieces of the pie” and the appropriate division of said pie. Solomon you are not…

In your infinite “wisdom,” somebody went home with an entire pie…As a result or your temper, infamous low blood sugar and of your caustic rantings from the bench in the courtroom.

Before you sat a woman – agreed: she was too polite, too demure- who had been married to an abusive alcoholic for 16 years.

After a decade of reflection, prayer, research, and collecting the courage to do so – she filed for a divorce. The angry, abusive alcoholic railed and threatened and forced her to leave the family home.

She did so and created a sanctuary for her children to share with her, one free from the volcanic eruptions and the explosions of anger and threats.

Judge, you slay me. You had reams of files, documents, and evidence. You have years of experience, and yet you failed to grasp the full impact of the situation before you.

A cursory glance at the deposition might have enhanced your overall knowledge of the case.
  Plaintiff was decimated by a volley of antagonistic questions by opposing counsel.



Judge Marge…

Judge Marjorie – perhaps you had a bad day. Your finger pointing, degrading remarks and accusations will last more than a day.You have impacted dozens of lives all in the interest of being the San Francisco equivalent of Judge Judy?




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