Funny – but not ha-ha funny


They had the audacity to call me a gold digger!

My mother told me it was, “Just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man.”

(And a whole lot more fun, I thought at age 18)

Flash forward, and I am meeting a parade really rich guys- tons of them. Everyday.

Generally, they are very smart,shy, dull, quiet, OCD, ADHD, and socially awkward.

Sure, there are a bunch of over-compensating Erlich Bachman of Silicon Valley  wannabes…

And a bunch of Rock n Roll one-upon-a-timers

men at mixer8_n

I met Mark at Santana Row. We were both having a beer at The Counter. He was friendly. He could carry on a conversation sans long, awkward silences. He read books and went to movies…at Sundance…in his dad’s Citation. 

So we hung out. We Ubered to San Francisco a lot.

Then he had to go to Nicaragua to help out at his dad’s company.

My green-with-envy roommates said I was a gold digger. Ha!








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