Perhaps she was a little over the top


Lady De is the consummate bon vivant.

She is the high society maven with “Dinner and Drinks” three nights a week. The remaining days are filled with the Opera, Symphony, Openings, Galas, and fund raisers. Many, many fundraisers, darling.

It takes a small army to get her dressed, painted, coifed, and out the door.

Her dentist and dermatologist are both at 450 Sutter. A quick walk over to Maiden Lane for a massage and then her hair and nails are done. Presto!

Her driver waits in front of 77 Maiden Lane with a tiny refrigerator in the back seat replete with tiny bottles of Perrier, and splits of Champagne. She must hydrate.

When she returns home, Connie is in the kitchen preparing a small “Green Drink” teeming with kale, chia seeds, berries and imported water.

Her PA, Helene, is at the door, waiting,  with De’s calendar, and all the  phone messages arranged, just so. Exactly so.

Upstairs, her bed chamber is kept at a cool 60 degrees.  She slips between the Frette sheets for a 30-minute power nap, prior to going out.

Stanley, her best friend and  her “walker,” will arrive via Uber at 7:30 pm to review her hair, makeup and  ensemble du jour. He has created Excel spreadsheet of her wardrobe and events. He is her best critic.

And, they are off!

Maybe this small army is over the top. Perhaps. It appears to be necessity.

LadyDe knows no other way life. Her home is her castle- a veritable museum. And she runs the  show. She likes it like that.





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