They said online dating was a farce


All my friends said, “No! Don’t do it! It is a rip-off! Trolls live there. Don’t waste your money.”

In my heart of hearts, I still believe in romance, Prince Charming, stolen kisses, passion, holding hands, and lingering in lingerie – with the man of my dreams.


Sure…there are some geeks and freaks online.


…and scammers who post fake photos.


I believe in romance.

Here I go!





Reach out and speak to…


Jan got up at 4:00 am to drive downtown to catch the 5:30 am bus leaving for Reno.

Thirty hearty souls were on their way from Oakland to drive to Nevada to encourage people to vote and to vote for Hilary.

She said she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t try to impact the elections and get people to sign up to vote.

The women in her office and in her class all were behind Hilary. Her siblings – except her brother the retired fireman, were all Hilary fans. 

Everyone she spoke with was planning on voting for Hilary Clinton.

They were all preaching to the choir. 

Jan decided that rising early, boarding a bus to Reno, knocking on doors until 5 pm and driving back to Oakland – arriving at 11 pm was worth it.

She wasn’t finished. She felt so strongly, she crawled out of her comfort zone and volunteered at the Democratic Call Center in Concord. She is there three nights a week.

If a sweet, female, voice calls you from the noisy Hilary Campaign Center- giver her a minute.




To drink or not to drink? We have all been there

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You are at the wedding…

Yet another best-friend is walking down the aisle…and you are one of the small army of bridesmaids…
Everyone slowly shuffles out of the church, laughing and chatting; the festive crowd walking over to the tented reception area.

The Best Man and his entourage look smashing in their dove-gray tails and black and white spats.They all really cleaned up well.

The Bridesmaids size up the Groomsmen and playing “dibs” (dibs on the redhead, dibs on the cute one, dibs on long hair, dibs on tall guy, dibs on the flirt with the twinkling eyes!) And so it begins.
A sea of tables of 10 polka-dot the outdoor reception...stunning arches of red and white balloons  frame the entrances. Waiters with trays of cocktails waltz through the throng offering  Martinis, a Cosmos, chilled Moscow Mules, or SideCars.

Salute! Cheers! Bottoms Up!


How many weddings to you have to attend before you realize that wedding scene with Sonny, in the Godfather, happens a lot?

And you ponder: Is it lust? Love? Or Liquor?

Hemingway said it best:

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. Ernest Hemingway




Flirting! That’s what I am talking about

On Your Mark…get set…Flirt already

Laurel Grove Loves...

Welcome to my world. I was hired for a quick three-month assignment at Anonymous X to work my magic and <pouf> disappear. It’s what I do, this year. It’s been fun – I’ve met some very fun people.

Until I got here.


This is what my world looks like.

Men (boys) glued to their machines with not an iota of social graces. I grew up in the south – with manners. Everyone I know, from home, has manners. We greet one another – we flirt, we engage, we talk, we go out for drinks. We go  places – not just bars. We aim to leave work early – usually.

Where are the Fun People?

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Spend a little time with me…


He said he was “Very busy with work.” So, James Cook – the big time playboy and sailor, claimed he really wanted to see me and would try to work me into his schedule. Next!

The Next! guy, Earl, was all over me like a cheap suit. Classic: Too much, too soon,  too fast. He loved to gamble and – by all accounts – he was not playing with a full deck.


Not one to give up…I kept looking for Mr Right.  And one day, there he was!   I walked into the famed Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop in Santana Row and there –  ordering and  holding court – was the cutest, funniest man I’d seen…forever. The staff behind the counter was laughing hysterically while – his name was George – told them that classic Earl of Sandwich joke that everyone knows.

And, that was the beginning of a delicious Love Story…


She said, “Adorable, Right?”

Meanwhile at the store…

I was standing behind the chatty woman who punctuated every sentence with “Right?”

Within seconds, I was taken by the number of times she said, “Right?”   Every sentence she uttered ended in “Right?” I started counting- then realized how silly that was.


The word she used to describe everything in the store was “Adorable.”

The manager of the store was staring from the next sales counter.

She stepped away from her task and walked over to the customer buying a pile of high- priced boutiquey wear.

She touched her arm and said in a stage whisper, “Darling, you really must do something

about the way you speak. Read Shakespeare. Seriously.”

The customer was taken aback and speechless.

The store manager is my hero.


After the wedding…

Jennie had been dating Brad for three years.

Each summer, he escapes for four weeks to “Go camping with the guys.” Actually, he is playing in the woods with his buddies at the Bohemian Grove at the Russian River.

She called it “Burning Man for old rich guys.”

She has missed having a date for multiple weddings, parties, trips, and really fun weekend outings. People have stopped asking. “Where’s Brad?”

Saturday, she attended an afternoon wedding at the Chapel at Stanford. She looked fabulous as she walked into the packed house-of-God, with two single girl friends.

George saw her walk in and causally moved from the back of the church to a pew behind Jennie.

The minister opened the wedding ceremony with an invitation for everyone to stand and  turn and greet those around them. George gave Jennie the warm, double-hand shake, and he lingered a second. She noticed. He was cute!

After the wedding, he nonchalantly walked beside her as the church slowly emptied.

George was single, polite, cute, funny and available.

He didn’t belong to the Bohemian Club nor did he have any interest in “playing at the Playa.” They sat together at the reception.

He gave her time to talk to her friends- fetched drinks for the table and scored innumerable points. When he returned to the table with a plate stacked with wedding cupcakes- all the girls swooned. Jennie was very happy.

You snooze, you lose -and then it was,  it was buh-bye Brad time.

Jennie and George have been dating for six months.


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                       No more Dateless Summers and Post Wedding Melancholia