Delete your “Must Have List”


Be careful what you wish for…

Marnie dreamed of marrying a tall, dark and handsome man. She made a Vision Board and collected dozens of magazine pictures of George Clooney types. She bought books about romance, dating, and the Law of Attraction. Her best friend gave her a copy of Dear Saint Anne, Send me a Man.  She read it cover to cover and wrote magical quotes on post-it notes. Her mirrors were slathered in post-it notes. She lit a candle every night. 

Coming Up Empty

Despite her avid attempts to meet Mr Right, Marnie complained that she rarely met any “TDH” men. Her dream guy simply had to be 6’2. She is 5’7 – in heels.

We met for coffee at Hannah’s Coffee Shop on the Alameda and chatted for two hours. Easily, a half dozen guys smiled our way, nodded, or said “hi.” Blind Marnie didn’t see a thing. She is so fixated on a George Clooney Clone- she does give guy 5’7 a second glance.

We walked across the street to the Whole Foods and went upstairs to the Beer Garden.

She finally agreed to – for two weeks only- look at and smile at men her height. We enjoyed a few of the 16 beers offered…and chatted with  some really cool guys – of every shape and size. Marnie slowly got off her high horse and unleashed some flirting mojo.

 In the time we were there, I was delighted to seek her give her card to two cute guys.She told them it would be fun to have coffee – and to call her. Bingo!


What are you wasting your time on? 


via Daily Prompt: Careful


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