I dodged a bullet


 He promised me…

That he would behave, be cordial, polite and refrain from saying anything offensive. 

I had suffered through far too many embarrassing situations where he, Mr. Bravado, bragged, boasted and was a show off.

It turns out, my friends told me they found him to be quite “entertaining.” I knew they were laughing at him behind his back. He usually picked up the tab- that’s what they liked about him.

On our first date, we waltzed around Nob Hill; dinner at the Stanford Court, Champagne and dancing at the Top of the Mark, nightcaps at the Fairmont. On our second date, he brought me a gift- a beautiful gold bracelet from Cartier. Rings and things and followed.

By the sixth date, I had decided to cut bait. Although he promised, his brash and bawdy behavior continued. Escaping from this egotist became a necessity.

 He wanted to dine at Season- one of San Francisco’s most expensive restaurants.                  I suggested we have a drink in the lobby bar at the St. Francis (with the long line of taxis waiting right outside.) It was siting in that public place, the Lobby Bar, over a glass of High Rock Ranch Sirah, that I returned the gifts to him and told him  that we were not meant to be. Mr. Bravado doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

It took 30-minutes for me to get away. When I returned home, flowers were waiting at my doorstep and a parade of phone messages followed. At first, his messages were sweet, they became more threatening. And finally, he stopped calling. 

I dodged a bullet.






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