Original Sin vs Original Fun?

“Originality is nothing but judicious imitation.
The most original writers borrowed one from another.”


They said Original Sin was a hand-me-down.

Seems like Eve was very hungry in the Garden of Eden

She thought she had signed up for the Garden of Eating…She  was not a Vegan or a Vegetarian – she was a very hungry carnivore.

The infamous Slithery Snake came along and – long story short: there was a ruby red, organic, Honey Crisp Apple  dangling before her and she bit.

Bam! Lightening and thunder! And, Eve  may have raised a little cane…

(oddly, enough another one was in her future.)

And so it came to be – All of Eve’s children and grandchildren and all God’s chillins  would-be born with Original Sin.

All because of an apple.

And, that, children, is where the phrase,

“How do  you like them apples?” came about.




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