Sister, we need to talk


Putting on Your Big Girl Pants

(As always, the people/places/things have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Dear Laurel,

I’m a small Asian girl and I am just learning how to drink. Can you help me?

I went to trendy place on Market St where the drinks are delicious! They switch up their menu every so often, but every single alcohol-infused mixology-inspired cocktail was “refreshing.”

You can barely taste the alcohol but it’s packed with sneaky alcohol deliciousness.

I am now very assertive about getting my drink

Since I am a small Asian girl- I tend to disappear in the crowd.

And when the tall business-looking men and women come barging through to get themselves a drink – I get pushed- I am now  assertive.

You’ll also be “encouraged” to stand and watch the bartenders create their so-called masterpieces, but once you get your drink and pay, being a small Asian girl, I know, you should really move along so other people can get what they need after a long day at work.

Do you have any ideas how to get along in bars?

Ko Ko

Dear Ko Ko,

Thank you for reaching out. Yes, entering the wild and wooly world of Happy Hour can be daunting. The very first thing I would suggest is to erase and delete “small Asian girl” from your vocabulary. Please.   Generally, when you order a drink, one does not aspire to discover “sneaky alcohol deliciousness.” Ko Ko, you might want to slow down and go to a wine tasting – a beer tasting – a scotch tasting and get to know a little about  what you true tastes are. Have fun. Step and ask for what you want.


P.S. When it come to worrying about “moving along” in line – remember the famous Medford, Oregon City Motto: Grow a Pear.




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