The Hut? Famous SCU Dive Bar bites the dust

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye


The Hut


The musty, dusty, dirty, old Dive Bar has been serving cocktails for decades. Call it what you will – party central, a safe haven, the only-Bar-almost-on-campus-for 5o years. Generations of Broncos have gathered in the bar to imbibe, party and discuss the burning topics of the day: Football, the Draft,Viet Nam, religion, politics, Baseball, Boat Dances, dating/not dating, Homecoming, elections, and The People’s Float…


ID? Who needs an ID- well, not a real one.

Every few years, there was always a clever Bronco boy – it was always a boy – on campus who knew how to create the infamous, and much sought after, revered, Fake ID. It was like a Ticket to Ride at The Hut.

Saints and Sinners

A plethora of people frequented The Hut

Dads and Grads was a “thing.” For recent grads, The Class Reunion Pre -Party at the Hut was a thing – until young Broncos realized they could organize a room at the hotel for a Pre and Post Reunion Bash. And, they did. Tradition!


Finding a Message in a Bottle?


“You die, but most of what you have accumulated will not be lost; you are leaving a message in a bottle.”

Umberto Eco


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