Met this guy on Look out


Of all the men I’ve seen online – this guy caught my attention. Not in a good way.

He goes by the handle, Ban the Man and claims he is hovering around 39 and lives back East. He is a prolific writer – and his comments about life, dating, women were really shocking. Here are a few thoughts he shared:

Women: They’re either a victim of race. They’re victim of their sexual preference. They’re a victim of gender. All about victimhood …”

His fear about dating SingleWomen online: “They wouldn’t be a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England.

Can you spell misogynist?

His dating bio is peppered with radical political quotes: Here is shocker:

What I find shocking is that there’s this thought process that Hillary Clinton is going to be president of the United States, and to even think of Donald Trump is a joke.”


He showed his true colors when he said: “I could not think higher of Governor Palin. She is a force of nature and has inspired a generation of women to really get actively involved in politics and, more importantly, take their culture back and take their country back.

Beware: Look out for this guy, ladies. He is everywhere….and a real scare. 

Ban Bannon:
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