Mind the Gap- dress for dating success?


Problem: First Date in three years. What to say, what to wear?

Solution: Shop your closet or take quick trip to the Gap for a pair of flattering new slacks and a filmy peasant blouse. Pick up a chunky necklace at H&M or Charming Charlie’s. Slip on a  pair of neutral flats.


Say what? How to avoid the communication gap: Relax, ask questions and listen. After the date, follow these three tips:

#1. Always say ‘Thank you.’

#2 First Date: Offer to pay your half. At a meal – offer to pay for the drinks or the dessert- don’t assume the man is going to pick up the tab.

#3. Respond sil vous plait…RSVP – If an individual has gone to the trouble of sending you an email, the courteous thing to do (even if the person is not your liking) is to respond. Thank the person for the correspondence and either go forward or say, “Thanks, we are not a match – good luck.”

Remember the Golden Rule



via Discover Challenge: Mind the Gap


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