They lived loud upstairs…


The glamorous couple moved in, upstairs, before the wedding and were very friendly – always throwing the big wave, double-honking their Tesla horn to say “Hi!”

Each day,  it seemed like the mail room was filled with UPS packages for them. His name is Christophe. She, Gillian, is very British – her sentences were punctuated with those phony  British words: al-u-minni-um, bumpershoot, brolly. Ta Ta!

To say they Flamenco danced every night – on the hardwood floors- would be a small exaggeration.

A courier knocked on our door week #3 – she had a package requiring  a signature for Christophe and I was the only person who answered their door. She said she had a “Special Delivery for Mr Christophe Limminal”.

That was the first time I had heard our new neighbor’s sur name.

I laughed when I  realized we were Sub Liminal.



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