Scariest day of the year? December 1

December 1 Every Year -that dreaded red letter day


…is a day which will live in infamy in your family. Only 23 more days of shopping! OMG!


There are gifts to be purchased and stockings to be stuffed. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

advent-calendar-525684__340  Need a Date?

 In reality, the toughest holiday assignment is finding a date to bring to the big office dinner party, the caroling party ( for couples)  and the various holiday parties where married couples, engaged couples, living-together couples and even long-distance couples congregate.


Attending as a “Single” “Zero Plus One” can be painful.

There are the married mean girls who look down at you – echoes of high school – there are the dirty-old-married-men who look at you lustily and the flirty married guys who come on to you…your good friends welcome you and – per usual- you make the rounds and say  ‘hello’ to everyone. You have a quick drink and a nibble and look to see if there are any other rare Singles. Any. No? Lesson learned through years of Single-ness…you do a classic  “Irish Good Bye” and nonchalantly slip out of the party. 

Sometimes Netflix is the best fix. Love, Actually anyone? 


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