Bingo! My very favorite Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas! The Old Hawaiian Way.

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...

holiday resort in thailand

Mele Kalikimaka!

Ho, ho ho! Just like you, I like “Jingle Bells” “Silent Night,” “Frosty,” “Rudolph,” sung by Burl Ives,  Elvis’ “Blue Christmas,” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” but, I love “Mele Kalikimaka!”

  It is quite possibly the happiest-quirkiest-most unsung hero of the Christmas calvacade of songs.

Our family has six grass skirts stashed away – waiting for any opportunity to sing our very favorite Christmas carol.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, Bing Crosby got a bad rap-  for all those bad raps –  but, when the King of Croons stops to sing –  we slip into our neon grass skirts- get ready for Hula Hands- and belt out  the island greeting that we send to you…

 Aloha and Mahalo 

Mele Kalikimaka is the word to say
On a bright Hawaiian Christmas day
That’s the island greeting that we send to you
From the land where palm trees sway


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