How not to answer the phone


First Impressions – last a life time?

My Uncle Ernie and his wife, Aunt Urline, both answered the phone the same way and it embarrassed their kids to no end.

Their Oklahoma born and bred couple’s telephone greeting, was “N-yellow!”

As the kids got older, edging towards The Teen Years they begged their old fashioned parents to puh-lese stop saying “N-yellow.”

The pleas were deemed silly and impolite.

The simple solution was for the kids to race to the phone and save face by answering the phone like “normal families.”


When Matt attended his 10 Year class reunion, a couple of his friends asked about his parents and said how they missed hearing “N-yellow.”

Ernie and Urline were well-loved by the community. They could have sung lyrics form “The Howdy Doody Show” and no-one would have blinked, smiled -yes, and not cared one whit.

It took the kids decades to get over the “Mom! Dad! Don’t answer the phone that way!” phase of their lives.





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