Revenge is his middle name

PicMonkey Collage-10

The Alabama boy

In grammar school, he was not athletic and played a little kickball- not that well. He was a “square” and a nerd before his time

In high school, he had three friends whom he had lunch with with every day and they talked about science and radio shows.

His cousins from Kentucky called him “Alabama-mama’s boy” which he hated and plotted revenge.

His parents couldn’t afford college, so he earned three scholarships and worked on campus to earn his keep.

He noticed no one ran for student government, so he ran for Vice President of Student Body and won by a landslide. He spent the summer reading Robert’s Rules of Order and turned into a bossy-know-it-all and an outspoken rule keeper. Generally, he was relatively invisible by the entire student body.

Senior year, he Met Cheryl, a plump, Home Ec major – in college to earn her M.R.S. She liked him. They were married the following year.


He heard a lot of guys were going to law school – so he followed suit. While certainly was not popular by any stretch- he became very good at finding positions at that nobody else wanted and signed up. Slowly, he rose through the ranks. Many remarked he was a pain in the neck or like a burr under your saddle,’ just plain disagreeable

Movin’ On Up Eventually, the couple moved to our nation’s capital where he landed various positions in government.


Flash Forward: Cheryl burned her apron,  got a perm, joined Weight Watchers and was the poster girl for WW success. She dabbled in Bridge, abstract art and pottery.  She was noticed and invited to  a play tennis with the other wives.  It turned out she was tennis natural and began to flourish. Both on and off the tennis court.

And then it was: The Affair.

Anybody will tell you that Washington DC is a very small town. And people are wont to gossip… and gossip flourishes.

In 1986, Cheryl met very handsome politician, her husband’s nemesis,  who pursued her.  They met at the famous Watergate Hotel for several “afternoon indiscretions.”

Hitting the fan

When he found out about his wife, he was incensed – the only that she cheated on him but that it was with a man he loathed and detested. The word spread  like wild fire. She divorced him. He called her ‘damaged goods.’ No one would ever call him a gentleman.

 An all out war commenced as he  vowed to wreak havoc upon his opponent.

The two were mighty opponents always arguing over bills – for decades they fought. When said Cassanova hit on Alabama’s second wife – apoplectic only begins to describe the rage and indignation and desire to decimate “HR.”

His best friend was Young Boozer. Boozer’s father was no help.

Slowly, methodically, he soldiers on.




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