Erikk with two k’s: the Psychic du jour


Everybody was talking about, Erikk-with-two-k’s, the world famous psychic.

They said scoring an appointment was virtually impossible. Plus, it cost a fortune. However, the word on the street is that he was “Incredibly spot on.”

Our whole yoga class and half my bookclub lined up to seek his predictions.

I waited three weeks for my appointment. I gathered and ponied up the big bucks and arrived with my top-three burning questions.

I sat across from the John Tesh meets Fred Flintstone-handsome, blond man with primitive features. I couldn’t help but stare at the Slavic features, ice blue eyes (contacts?) and carefully highlighted, coiffed, tresses. He was dressed in black.

Then we got down to business

I asked Erikk about the tall, dark, handsome man I was dating. Without even looking up he asked, “Does he work?” 
“No, he’s looking”.
He’s not looking very hard, darling. He’s a big boy and needs to make money.”
I agreed.
“Drop him today. He is no good. Next question.”

Okay. Wow.

Then I asked him about online dating – to do or not to do.

He said, “Baby, they’re all the same man. Déjà vu, darling! You must stop. You are addicted. They don’t call it Plenty of Fish for nothing. And those men are suckers! Cheap! They won’t even pay for the dating service.”

He paused, leveled those cold blue eyes at me and said, “You need to meet a nice boy. Tell all your friends, and your friends friends, that you are single and looking. That’s all. Danke”

Now,  does a single woman dating a hot, dead end guy with a smattering of personality disorders and no money listen to a very expensive world famous psychic?

This chick did.

The best is yet to come.


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