What’s the eHarmony in that?


Trixie (57, retired CEO, painter/knitter/writer) moved from the Bay Area way up north. Before she made the move, she decided she would get settled and try online dating. She had seen enough eHarmony TV commercials that she knew that would be a logical beginning.

Every time: the Orvil Redenbacher lookalike spokesperson, gently bragged about the impressive success rate for romance and marriage with eHarmony. Trixie had once looked over her sister’s shoulder while she was “shopping” on eHarmony and got a sense and an expectation of what kind a guy she might find.

Flash forward three months: Trixie completed the questionnaire with hundreds and hundreds of queer queries  she wrote smart little paragraphs, and did her best to present  an attractive, interesting, fifty-something single woman.

After she paid the hefty sum, (Memberships start at $49.95 per month for a 3-month package)   she was up and running. Any honest newbie trying  online dating site will tell you, in the beginning hours are spent exploring, reading, writing, and responding. 

Trixie was a little disappointed with the a few dozen men within her geographical parameters. There were whole lot of guys who didn’t “age well.” She was proud of her good looks and trim appearance. Logically, she expanded her horizons and the miles she was willing to drive to meet somebody.

She looked hard and long and scrutinized pictures and profiles, trying to find one that Prince amongst the frogs. As fate would have it, a handful of men reached out to her who lived out of state. Classic “GU” – geographically unacceptable.

Trixie was getting more and more perturbed. She threw caution to the wind, and started sending short notes to half-dozen men who were ‘somewhat’ appealing. Only two responded- and she quickly realized they had nothing in common.


Once again, she expanded her boundaries and she looked at bachelors who lived another 10 miles away. Zip. Nada. Nothing. She threw in the towel in EH.

dandelion-776163__180A month later, at the gas station she met a guy. A good guy. A really cool guy who liked her as much as she liked him.

It happens.

Fate leads him who follows it, and drags him who resist.




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