No Duds Allowed

theme park sideshow
Avoid any Freak Show

Three women shared an apartment…

In the beginning, their front door was a revolving Date Door. Boys came and went as they ascertained what they really were looking for in a man. It was different in college.

When they were ‘younger, ‘ Cute with a Car was a big attraction.

They were older, wiser now and thinking about the future. At one point, they all agreed that serious, mature, heartily employed men were far more attractive – in the long run.

So, a parade of Engineers darkened their door steps. Can you say: dull, boring , insipid? There were Too many slide rulers, dorky, geeky, shy guys who either feared or loathed women.articles_7-2

Finally, the girls agreed: they wanted zip, spunk, and razzle-dazzle!

Let the games begin…to be continued



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