Betsy D: The devil, you say?


The Queen was in the counting house counting all the money…

Her friends were not shocked when they heard she would step up and take the  position. Betsy D had been on the warpath – since her husband  lost the  Michigan election. The two ended up, personally, spending $35 million; the most expensive campaign in Michigan history. 

Not to worry: her family’s cumulative net worth is over $5 billion.

She was once busy attending Amway  (raking in 9.5 billion dollars annually) meetings and sitting on various boards; she chaired the Michigan Republican Party;  served as a member of the Republican National Committee; and directed a statewide campaign to legalize public funding of Religious Schools.

Smooth Operator: Betys D with her millions became a skilled and seasoned operator, Money Talks:


Trump called, she answered. 

Her kids said “No! Don’t do it! You will be eaten alive.”

Her ego said, “Go show all the people who have scorned and scoffed. Just wait!”

“Across the country, public-school advocates and teachers’ unions expressed almost unanimous horror: One of the most effective advocates for breaking down the rules and protections for public schools and teachers would soon be the nation’s most powerful education policymaker”


(From Buzzfeed)

James Runcie, Chief Operating Officer of the Office of Federal Student Aid, has tendered his resignation in protest of Betsy DeVos.

Chief Operating Officer Runcie was responsible for the arm of the department that administers the federal government’s $1 trillion student loan programs. He was appointed by President Obama and his departure comes as a surprise.

“I cannot in good conscience continue to be accountable as Chief Operating Officer given the risk associated with the current environment at the Department,” said Runcie in his Resignation Memo

He clearly dislikes the direction that Betys D’s unqualified leadership is steering the department. Runcie criticized her for “diverting critical resources” from his office.

Betsy D has a long history of criticizing public education, so it makes sense that department officials dedicated to improving such education would find her leadership intolerable.

Runcie clearly hates the direction that Betsy”s  unqualified leadership is steering the department. He criticized her for “diverting critical resources” from his office.

Besty D -is  catapulted to infamy.




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