I wanted a diamond ring…


She grew up hearing that  Diamonds were a girl’s best friend…

and Dogs were a man’s best friend.

Worked for her.

Flash Forward a couple of decades and she still subscribed to The Diamond Rule.

She aspired to be half of a Hot Couple like Napolean and Josephine, Scarlett and Rhett, Eros and Psyche, Dante and Beatrice…

She met Richard K and within two weeks was very smitten. They both enjoyed short hikes, long lunches, movies, trees, shopping for and cooking dinner with a bottle of great wine. They both dabbled in ballroom dance and had fun in each other’s arms.

They entertained gracefully and theirs friends all knew they were  “The Couple” in love and dedicated to one another. She had images of rings dancing in her head.

Their second Christmas together, she had a keen sense that there would be a Little Blue Box under the tree.

Unfortunately, she was only partially right. Bristling with joy, she opened the small box and found a pair of silver earrings. 

Her heart fell. Her smile evaporated. Tears fell from her eyes. She was sad, then mere moments later, she was apparently very angry. 

She glared at him and in a hoarse whisper said, “What were you thinking? Earrings? I wanted a diamond!”

His smile froze and he look perplexed.

Loudly, she encouraged him to leave (actually, much stronger, angry words raced out of her mouth) as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

Baffled, he backed out of the kitchen, grabbed his keys as he dodged the pillows she was throwing at him. Her screams became louder. 

She made a big mistake.




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