Ditch the creep, now


Merry Lea fell head over heels for Peter G. 

They met online- had a two-hour coffee date and within 30 minutes she knew. He was everything on her My Man Must Have List. She was smitten

They dated, hot and heavy,  for three weeks before she introduced Peter G to a small circle of friends. The day after the soiree, Glennis – her former college roomate, called to say thanks for the invitation and offered to take her to lunch. That day.  In an hour. Impetuously, she agreed and found Glennis in a window seat at the Santana Row cafe looking very solemn.

After the usual hugs and exhange of pleasantries, Glennis cut to the chase and said she knew about Peter G. Merry Lea laughed and wanted to know, “what and  how.”

It turns out out, Peter G had recently been in a relationship with a woman Glennis knew from work, They had all been to numerous parties together. Sadly, two months earlier, her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and Peter G dropped the woman ASAP. He disappeared.

Glennis recounted, everyone in the office was both disgusted and shocked; the woman was despondant and Peter G was called every name in the book.

Merry Lea was gobsmacked. She couldn’t speak. She didnt want to believe her friend – fleetingly, she thought there was a mistake. In her hearts of hearts, she knew. She asked her friend for more information and went home to write a letter.

She had dodged a bullet.

Sneaking behind our backs? Civil Servants? Ha!


Tuesday night, as many Americans were preparing for bed,

 The Old Boys Network- Senate -voted to give broad lawsuit immunity

to The  Credit Card Companies,

to Auto lenders,

to Credit reporting companies like the nefarious Equifax,

and many other financial firms.     Immunity from Lawsuits?


The 50-50 tie in the Senate was broken by the brave, bold, wise

Vice President Mike “The Man” Pence 

 The House approved the “Lawsuit Immunity Measure.”


(See: Here)


Quelle surprise! #45 is expected to sign it!

Pls Donate Fri & Sat -NoBay Fire Victims

photo_1865_20060811DONATION DROP OFF DETAILS:

Friday, October 20, 2017
St. Dominic’s Church parking lot 2390 Bush Street, San Francisco between Steiner and Pine
Time: 2PM to 7PM

Saturday, October 21, 2017
St. Dominic’s Church parking lot 2390 Bush Street, San Francisco between Steiner and Pine
Time: 8AM to 1PM

**Truck departs at 1PM Saturday, so please don’t be late!


Be sure to share this notice with all your friends and family!

You are welcome to help at the collection site with sorting, making boxes, and loading trucks. There will be refreshments and libations to keep spirits high and positive energy flowing.

We look forward to welcoming you and your generous donations

at the St. Dominic’s parking lot.

If you have questions, call Mary Toboni 415-317-4255 or Doug Hosking 650-759-5786



Towels for Bath Diapers – LARGE size Toilet paper
Paper towels
Zip lock bags

Pollution masks Dog food


Pillow cases
Bed sheets
Sleeping bags ** NOTE:  Sports Basement will donate 40% of cost


Women’s needs
Baby wipes
Face wipes
Eye wash
Nasal rinse
Nail clippers and files Denture cleaners
Hair clips, hair bands, etc.

Clothing (NEW, not used):

Clothing – for men, women, children New packaged t-shirts
Professional clothing for women Underwear

Socks Flip flops

School supplies including back packs, pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, binder paper, etc. Coloring books
Family games (Scrabble, Monopoly, Risk), children’s games, puzzles, and playing cards
New kids clothing

Gift Card Options – grocery, Target, Macy’s and similar store cards do not have service fees

1. Drop off gift card at collection site 2. Use Venmo account @Mary-Toboni 3. Mail to:

Mary Toboni
135 St. Francis Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94127

Food – Packaged or Canned (not prepared or need to be prepared), non-perishable: Canned goods with popped top
Jars of peanut butter and jelly


Cases of water
Beverages (Gatorade, club soda, iced tea) – no glass Granola bars
Beef jerky
Beans and rice (longer term items okay)
Snack pack
Fruit cups
Anything healthy

Cleaning supplies:

Lysol wipes
Rubber gloves
Boxes of laundry detergent


No one told them about high tide

Is it Real estate?

Laurel Grove Loves...

Every five years, a tsunami hits.

Rober and Laura were tired of City living and were at the point, they would do anything to get away from the noise, pollution, the density and the filth.

They attended a wedding on the island and fell in love with the sky, the water and the solitude. Their real estate agent swiflty found a newly built home, put the sales package together and was off on a two-month trek to Himalayas. 

Laura could not have been happier.

She carefully unpackced their belongings before they had to travel to Egypt for a month-long meeting about Climate and Change.

flooding-2048469__340The night they returned to their beautiful new home –  there were strong winds, then rain.

Rober said he had never heard a noise like the one that rumbled outside their home that night. It sounded like a train – a massive train – traveling at…

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A waterfall of flattery?


Alexis said time was flying- she was not getting any younger…

She put on her big girl pants and decided to go online and start dating. Again. She had put her big toe in the Online Dating Pool and met a few “great guys” who just weren’t right. The last year had been a dating desert.


She met Hal – a kind, warm, real estate guy who was retiring early and gaga about his four grand children and their parents.

Hal was a gentleman – was thoughtful and effusive with compliments. On their first date he flattered her often and she could feel her cheeks turn red. Again and again. Blushing had been an embarrassment her entire life.

Hal commented that Alexis “glowed.” He was the first man in years who didn’t tease her about the her redness. She thought she looked like neon.

He thought she was the most attractive woman he had ever met online. And told her so. She had to thank him for the compliments and ask him to slow down.

That was last month.

They are now very much enamored and constant companions.




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Will he call?

Munchkin Disappoints – alltalk – no action!

Laurel Grove Loves...

telephone-handset-1678302__340This is the sound of one phone ringing….

“Call Me… don’t be afraid you can call me…”

Since high school, his pals teased him and called him “The Munchkin” – his real name was Mnuchin.
He bragged loud and often he worked on Wall Street and turns out, he had a penchant for exaggerating.
Balding, a little chubby and bespectacled, he loved talking about “perfect genes.”
But, he could talk…he was smooth and a real story teller. We met over cocktails.

cocktail-995574__180I wanted to hear the sound of  ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ on my phone.He said he would call the next day…I nonchalantly cleaned out a closet – my phone in my back pocket waiting for his call…it took an hour to color code all my blouses, shirts, tank tops, T-shirt, and sweaters.

Okay, so I checked to see if my phone was ‘on’ and it was working a half dozen times…

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He thought he was so smart


His name on Match.com was Mr San Francisco 17

He did not post a photo of himself – just 10 stunning photographs of San Francisco ( lifted from the free site Pixabay) Okay, give him points for creativity – take away points for not posting his real photograph. Some people post fake photos.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out – fake photos may entice and attract – however, the minute someone meets you in person – the jig is up. You can tap dance as fast as you can trying to explain the need for privacy, modesty, discretion – all that jazz – you are still a fake.


Clever “Mr SF” met his Match-on-Match when Shelia-Skiier-Tahoe agreed to meet him at Starbucks on the Alameda. Kids, no one in their right mind posts a photo of Marilyn Monroe and claims the ID. Shelia – in a what was I thinking mood did. 


MR SF walked into Starbucks, Shelia was seated at a table by the window looking for a San Francisco kind of a guy. On the phone, planning the date,  he said he would be “casual.”

Define Casual.

He walked right by her and she looked right through him. They sat at seperate tables sipping their coffees, waiting, scouring their phones – to kill time. Twenty minutes passed and Shelia became angry – she had been stood up.

Across the busy cafe, he became riled and decided to call the Tahoe Skiier. He dialled her number, she picked up and he asked her where she was. She asked him where he was. He said, “Starbucks,” and she loooked around. There were three guys speaking on their phones near her. Evidently, the tall, thin, red-head with the dressy, black leather pants was ‘the guy.’

He looked nothing like the John Cusak photo posted. Momentarily indignant, realizing her folly, she stood up and walked over to the red-head. 

No one but the two of them knows what was said. She walked out first. He sat at the table- looking our the window and watched her drive away in a brand new, red Tesla.

He always want to drive a Tesla, he called her again.

She didn’t pick up.








Big Romance: Was it Fate?

Danny and Shelly met at a school dance and fell in love. She thought he was the coolest guy she had ever met- very McDreamy. He was dazzled by her energy, her quest for fun and the best kisses he had ever enjoyed. They went steady for several years before they tied the knot.

Four of Shelly’s best friends were also at the fateful dance and left early – no one asked them to dance – they could catch 10:00 movie and be perfectly happy. Armed with boxes of  red licorice and MaiTai’s-in-a-can the friends laughed, quaffed and loved the movie.


The next morning, Annie was at her cafeteria breakfast station serving bacon and eggs to the early risers. She loved the fact that 80% of her customers were guys – she got her flirt on and met dozens of guys. She gave the cute guys twice the bacon allowed; a girl has to do – what a girl has to do.

Annie was popular.

Patty, Annie’s roommate,  loved the Mai Tais and the movie and the following day made a point to park her breakfast tray at a cafeteria table with guys. She was a pretty cute coquette and told the four guys at her table to look out, she was taken a census.

She asked: “How many went to the school dance?” They admitted,  all of them went.  They slowly offered that they stayed for a half an hour – and left to watch a baseball game.

They said the dance was awkward.  Just like High School…