Big Romance: Was it Fate?

Danny and Shelly met at a school dance and fell in love. She thought he was the coolest guy she had ever met- very McDreamy. He was dazzled by her energy, her quest for fun and the best kisses he had ever enjoyed. They went steady for several years before they tied the knot.

Four of Shelly’s best friends were also at the fateful dance and left early – no one asked them to dance – they could catch 10:00 movie and be perfectly happy. Armed with boxes of  red licorice and MaiTai’s-in-a-can the friends laughed, quaffed and loved the movie.


The next morning, Annie was at her cafeteria breakfast station serving bacon and eggs to the early risers. She loved the fact that 80% of her customers were guys – she got her flirt on and met dozens of guys. She gave the cute guys twice the bacon allowed; a girl has to do – what a girl has to do.

Annie was popular.

Patty, Annie’s roommate,  loved the Mai Tais and the movie and the following day made a point to park her breakfast tray at a cafeteria table with guys. She was a pretty cute coquette and told the four guys at her table to look out, she was taken a census.

She asked: “How many went to the school dance?” They admitted,  all of them went.  They slowly offered that they stayed for a half an hour – and left to watch a baseball game.

They said the dance was awkward.  Just like High School…




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