Ditch the creep, now


Merry Lea fell head over heels for Peter G. 

They met online- had a two-hour coffee date and within 30 minutes she knew. He was everything on her My Man Must Have List. She was smitten

They dated, hot and heavy,  for three weeks before she introduced Peter G to a small circle of friends. The day after the soiree, Glennis – her former college roomate, called to say thanks for the invitation and offered to take her to lunch. That day.  In an hour. Impetuously, she agreed and found Glennis in a window seat at the Santana Row cafe looking very solemn.

After the usual hugs and exhange of pleasantries, Glennis cut to the chase and said she knew about Peter G. Merry Lea laughed and wanted to know, “what and  how.”

It turns out out, Peter G had recently been in a relationship with a woman Glennis knew from work, They had all been to numerous parties together. Sadly, two months earlier, her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and Peter G dropped the woman ASAP. He disappeared.

Glennis recounted, everyone in the office was both disgusted and shocked; the woman was despondant and Peter G was called every name in the book.

Merry Lea was gobsmacked. She couldn’t speak. She didnt want to believe her friend – fleetingly, she thought there was a mistake. In her hearts of hearts, she knew. She asked her friend for more information and went home to write a letter.

She had dodged a bullet.

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