Lola of Los Gatos needs help?


Lola was tired of housework.  She hated walking the dogs and doing laundry. There had to be a magic wand, a panacea, for her doldrums. One day, she decided she wanted a Personal Assistant. Her husband reminded her that she was was home all day. No matter. Many of her friends had Personal Assistants.

She studiedt Craigslist. She learned, if you said “Junior Personal Assistant” – you could pay less. She knew $15.00 an hour would be tempting – but insulting.

Sh sat down at he computer and listed all the things she needed. If the person was there  just 2-4 hours a day – her husband wouldn’t even know.

She posted an add on Craigslist

This is Lola’s Craigs Ad

Pay: $22.00 an hour- Maid, Dog Walker, Personal Secretary, Accountant, Personal Assistant

Daily Tasks:
Light Household Cleaning for approximately one hour. 
-Empty the dishwasher – fill
-light laundry, folding clothes, put them away
-wipe down all counters, use swifter/floors
-walk the dogs
-Make beds – pick up clothing, clean all bathrooms

Household coordination, Run Errands, Manage of Personal Affairs as needed/directed.

Weekly Chores – as needed:
Arrange and be present for household appointments (i.e. plumber, etc.),

Execute Miscellaneous errands such as dry cleaning, market, post office, Target, Costco
General Household Management:Clean out/organize drawers, closets, shelves organization.
Weekly Dog washing, Nail clipping, Clean up, too.

-Office Management
Assistance with business travel planning, packing / unpacking for trips.

Assist with appointment scheduling.
-Organize home office. Create a system for all files.
Help Coordinate Schedule
Light bookkeeping, travel expense reports.
Bill pay, oversee mail coordination
-We are a fun and friendly household to work with. 

Pay $22.00 an hour


Lola waited for her email box to fill be applicants. She waited.

On the third day,  a man named, Charlie wrote to say he was a good dog walker and knew how to bathe dogs. He could learn all the other stuff on the fly.

Lola was shocked. Why werent there dozens of people clammering to work with her and “her friendly household?”

Can you spell Cheap?

The Cure all for such oversights is to do your homework.

Professional Personal Assistants Charge from $50.00 to $100.00 per hour.