Never thought he would get a date


Bobby Gelitti thought he was God’s gift to girls. He was the quarterback on the football team and he was the captain of the tennis team. Nevermind that that the school student body tipped the scales at 150 students.

The kids who left Smalltown USA disparaged the town by calling it “Hicksville.” The kids who lived there were proud of their special school. Bobby was a Big Man on campus. 

After graduation – he started at the local junior college and discovered he was just another kid. The junior college had hundreds of students  from six different schools and they were bigger, faster, better athletes than him. He avoided sports and decided to “major in girls.” All the girls from his school were on Cloud 9 at the JC – there were so many cool classes and cute boys. The guys from high school were old hat.

Bobby had quite an adjustment. School was academically very hard, sports were a no-go and the ‘older guys’ (sophomores) got all ‘the babes.’

In November, a cute girl finally paid attention to him, which was cool – but, it turned out she was engaged to a guy at the university. Depressed, he threw himself into his classes and studied more than ever before. His report card was a sea of B’s – something he had never seen before. His teachers were encouraging. His confidence increased as his classes became easier and more interesting. 

Posters for the upcoming Christmas Dance  lined the halls. The girls were all talking about the big dance. It was a Date Dance – not stag dance.  Feeling pretty good, Bobby asked a girl in  English Literature if she was going – yes, she was -with her boyfriend. He ended up asking three other ‘cute girls’ and they all had dates. No way would ask anyone from high school.

After his run of rejections, he was chatting with a classmate about homework and one last, final time he asked if she was going to the dance. A miracle! She was available. He finally had a college girl say ‘yes’ to him. Mr once Big Man on campus was still small time – but, he had a date! Happy holidays.




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