Bamboozled by Love – A country western love song?

Beware the Cowboys, Little Lady

Laurel Grove Loves...

will-hutchins-394257__180Jill gathered her four best friends for a Martini Party to talk about the status of her almost one-year relationship with Chance.  They hadn’t seen her in months and wondered what the heck was going on. She had been hook, line and sinker in love with this cowboy- and they wondered how long it would last.


With his encouragement (read: to make him happy) she lost weight, changed her classic Nordstrom’s wardrobe to more risqué attire- involving boots, shorter skirts and tops that were very Va Va Voom.

She changed her hair color- he liked brunettes. He also liked a mane of massive curls- she got a permanent. She thought she looked like Little Orphan Annie- he said she looked, “hot.”

She even shocked herself when she took a Pole Dancing class in Los Gatos. She gave up her tickets to the opera and the symphony and found herself…

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