Are you playing Old Maid? No Way

We, The Women, Dont Like and Won’t Tolerate BULLIES

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retro-1291738__340Once upon a time, along time ago, Single women were called spinsters.

As a child, I remember there were church ladies: widows, old maids, spinsters-wearing gloves, hats and sensible shoes, with dark wool coats and purses on their arms.

They seemed quiet, demure and quaint-very Eleanor Rigby- holed up in apartments. It seemed there was a small, army of quiet women.

Who’s to say there weren’t weekly parties with pitchers of martini’s, embroidered cocktail napkins, Wedgewood plates piled high with Pigs in a Blanket, silver bowls with warm, salted almonds, Velveeta squares on a Ritz crackers and the stereo playing Rachmaninov and Sinatra?

Flash forward, and, today, Single women come in many shapes, sizes and status. Some of us are Single-on-purpose, divorced, widowed, not interested, Gay, happy alone, still looking.

We are a sisterhood.

Fact: Women can lapse into a serious conversation with another woman in the time it…

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Honestly, making a point?

Dating Rule No. One: Don’t date a Crook

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school-93200__340At first, Sven was her idea of a Norse god. He was a big, blond, hunk of a man who, when he wrapped her in a hug, made her like-a-woman:  w-o-m-a-n!

While he was usually unemployed, and often “a wee bit short on funds” he had a secret gig. After one glass of Silver Patron, on the rocks with a twist, too many, he revealed his secret acting career with a local Personal Injury attorney in Los Gatos.

Hit and Run to the Bank?

The two men had cooked up a clever scheme where – on cue – Sven walked across a busy intersection, head down, reading Proust, and would  “walk” into an upscale car in a crosswalk. He bragged his Academy Award Performance evolved into a “You ran over my foot!” (expletives flying.)

As fate would have it, his so called “silent partner” would be crossing the…

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Be a First Love or Last Romance?

Layer Love
Oscar Wilde said, “Men always want to be a woman’s
first love, women like to be a man’s last romance.”

What say you, Single Person?

Are you in it for the hunt? The chase? Or to develop a loving and meaningful relationship?

George (divorced, 60, Exec) in Los Gatos admits he jumped into the exciting world of online dating with a passion. He signed up for and went to work. He said he was a bit hyper about “The Chase.” He blames his love for sports and winning. He admits to dating three women at a time and enjoying evey minute. Until he didn’t. He said it was too hard remembering details about each woman. He made notes, had a file on each woman and still made a few faux pas.

He got caught in a quagmire of little white lies and embellishments. Lesson well-learned.

George calmed down and decided to pursue, Kathryn, the most unavailable of the three women. It took awhile before he realized she was frequently unavailable and possibly dating other men. A challenge!

He rose to the occasion and became a Mr Long Stem Red Roses and Champagne kind of a guy. Figuring she was being actively pursued, he took it up a notch and invited her to dinner at Manresa. Scoring reservations required pulling a few strings. She was good company and appeared not to be impressesd by the very expensive restaurant. He reckoned she had been there before. Their next date, they dined at the famed Plumed Horse. The maitre d recognized her. Not a good

Thereafter, Kathryn was hard to pin down. George was even more attracted to her. He says “to kill time” he went back to the well –– and reached out to a few women. He broke his first rule and he reached out to a woman who lived more than 40 miles away.  His one steadfast rule: no way would he drive more than 40 miles to date anyone, however, she had a “certain something.”

Georege was bewitched and bothered by his three hour coffee date with Debbie from 40 miles away. She was obviously smitten with him; she listened, laughed at all the right times; had extraordinary compassion and was very easy talk to and with.

No Challenge – No Chase – however, they really clicked. As he drove home after his very best first date ever, he smiled as he re-played their date, in his mind. He called his best pal, Gary and gave a full report. They agreed – Debbie was worth pursuing.

Fickle Fate? Kathryn texted George that same night and said she “really liked him – but it wasn’t working out.” She texted him a Dear John! At first he was indignant…for a full three minutes. Then he sent Debbie a text tellingher how much he enjoyed meetting her and suggested a second date.

And so it begins…out with the old and open arms and open heart with the new.




Rise up and Speak up, ladies

No More Little Miss Quiet Lady

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Now is the time for all good girls to shred their Emily Post’s…

 and tell it like it really is.

No More Little Miss Nice Girl? 

For aeons, women have embraced all forms of etiquette and proper behavior when it comes to dating decorum and affaire de coeur. However, finally, there is a major shift happening. Women are rising up.  And now, in a Network  kind of way, more women are screaming, “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!” 

More than just a Sadie Hawkins and Bumble Movement

Voices: Over Twenty-five women on Santana Row (at and around: The Counter, YardHouse, LB Steak, Maggianos)  said they are more apt to ask a man out than they were a few years ago. The resounding theme was – “Why wait? Guys are shy or slow.”

The ladies have spoken. First mad as hell at the dating scene – now taking initiative and…

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First Date: Booze or Coffee?


Our San Francisco friend, Roxy, is happy to be single and is making up for lost time by, she says  “dating like a maniac.” ( her Besties would say like a nympho-maniac.)

Tinder is her night and day…

Like a dog with a bone – Roxy is all over Tinder and is ‘all about swiping.’ As a wannabe writer and part-time nanny, she has plenty of time and spends much of it, she gleefully admits: meeting men. She is well-practiced in first dates and is strict about daytime dates vs night-time dates. Day dates are coffee and walks in Golden Gate Park or at Ocean Beach. 

Night-time dates are more serious and rife with high expectations.

We met to talk about her exploits and dating agenda. She has specific bars where she meets her Tinder Dates…specific outfits, shoes and perfume. She claims she has it down to a science.

Stay tuned for Exploits with Roxy.

woman on rock platform viewing city

Roxy Does San Francisco – or Tinder is the Night