Be a First Love or Last Romance?

Layer Love
Oscar Wilde said, “Men always want to be a woman’s
first love, women like to be a man’s last romance.”

What say you, Single Person?

Are you in it for the hunt? The chase? Or to develop a loving and meaningful relationship?

George (divorced, 60, Exec) in Los Gatos admits he jumped into the exciting world of online dating with a passion. He signed up for and went to work. He said he was a bit hyper about “The Chase.” He blames his love for sports and winning. He admits to dating three women at a time and enjoying evey minute. Until he didn’t. He said it was too hard remembering details about each woman. He made notes, had a file on each woman and still made a few faux pas.

He got caught in a quagmire of little white lies and embellishments. Lesson well-learned.

George calmed down and decided to pursue, Kathryn, the most unavailable of the three women. It took awhile before he realized she was frequently unavailable and possibly dating other men. A challenge!

He rose to the occasion and became a Mr Long Stem Red Roses and Champagne kind of a guy. Figuring she was being actively pursued, he took it up a notch and invited her to dinner at Manresa. Scoring reservations required pulling a few strings. She was good company and appeared not to be impressesd by the very expensive restaurant. He reckoned she had been there before. Their next date, they dined at the famed Plumed Horse. The maitre d recognized her. Not a good

Thereafter, Kathryn was hard to pin down. George was even more attracted to her. He says “to kill time” he went back to the well –– and reached out to a few women. He broke his first rule and he reached out to a woman who lived more than 40 miles away.  His one steadfast rule: no way would he drive more than 40 miles to date anyone, however, she had a “certain something.”

Georege was bewitched and bothered by his three hour coffee date with Debbie from 40 miles away. She was obviously smitten with him; she listened, laughed at all the right times; had extraordinary compassion and was very easy talk to and with.

No Challenge – No Chase – however, they really clicked. As he drove home after his very best first date ever, he smiled as he re-played their date, in his mind. He called his best pal, Gary and gave a full report. They agreed – Debbie was worth pursuing.

Fickle Fate? Kathryn texted George that same night and said she “really liked him – but it wasn’t working out.” She texted him a Dear John! At first he was indignant…for a full three minutes. Then he sent Debbie a text tellingher how much he enjoyed meetting her and suggested a second date.

And so it begins…out with the old and open arms and open heart with the new.





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