A Movie Date: must have food

two white and red admission tickets

Best Carmel Corn in the World? Maybe …

Think: The CineLux Theater

Charles Dickens was right:

A first date can be the best of times and  the worst of times…

blur close up date focus
It’s time for fun.

To ensure a memorable first date always plan for three things: ambiance, comfort, and entertainment. The CineLux Theater has it all – in spades…and great food!

First, forget about boring Raisinets and stale popcorn. The CineLux has a gourmet light-dining menu with the all-time BEST  caramel corn in the world..and they offer Local hand crafted beer and wine, Voila!

The Theater offers a great way to enjoy a meal with your movie. The menu includes: Hamburgers, fries, Nachos,  Sliders, Wings…desserts and the usual candy counter suspects. The luxury of dining, quaffing and plus a movie all make for a really great date.

Have a Seat: The theater gets gold stars for excellent pre-selected seating. Comfy chairs with small tables for dining and movie viewing are perfect. The theater is just the right size, street parking is available and it has easy freeway access.




Hamburgers, fries, Nachos,  Sliders, Wings…