Why did Meadows trott out Lynne Patton?




Rep. Mark Meadows Republican-North Carolina is considered one of President Donald Trump’s closest allies in Congress.


Today, at the Cohen Hearings, Meadows, Trump’s so-called leading congressional ally trotted out Lynne Patton. Who?

Lynne Patton was a party planner who scored a job at HUD! Bam!   Patton’s job at HUD pays $160,000 a year.

SEE: https://www.politico.com/story/2017/06/26/lynne-patton-trump-party-planner-new-york-federal-housing-239963,  

Meadows used Patton to  challenge Michael Cohen’s assertion that Trump is racist.

(Patton has worked for the Trump clan since 2009, according to her LinkedIn profile. )

Recently she was an “Unpaid vice president” at the Eric Trump Foundation, where she planned major fundraising events.cropped-new-years-eve-1905142__3401.jpg

Lynne Patton went from party planner to the third of 10 HUD regional administrators named by the administration.

 1.Beth Van Duyne, an early Trump supporter and former mayor of Irving, Texas, was awarded the top spot at HUD’s Fort Worth office in April, covering five states. 

2. The administration installed Joe DeFelice, a Republican organizer and Trump supporter, at the helm of HUD’s regional office in Philadelphia.

and then there is Lynne...and Mark Meadows – transparent and manipulative.

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From Party Planner to HUD Employee?