March 15: Beware of dud dates


March 15

Now is the time for all good boys and girls to come to the aid of each other.

The Games People Play in Date-World ( Hide and Seek, Bluff and Bravado, Liar Liar Pants on Fire, Hard to Get) are a waste of time.

Admit it.

Todd, from the East Bay is the cocky Physician’s Assistant is a “why waste time getting to know one another when you can learn all you want getting horizontal in bed, on the first date. And if the woman isn’t “in,” he is so out of there – fast. He has a lot of first dates.

Moira used to post on Cragislist that she was lonely. She says  got a lot of action. Then CL blocked her pithy pleas for hook ups. She worked hard to find just the right guy. He was the perfect dinner and a movie boyfriend.  

However, he wasn’t good for picnics, road trips, museums, hikes, long drives to….just about anywhere. Her pals gave her their Tahoe cabin for a week. He refused to go. She begged…he agreed and rarely left the condo in five days. Instead they spent hours sitting in the living room talking about their relationship. She happily moved on. Next.

To Tell the Truth – Not just an old TV SHOW.

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