He was Single and in need of new clothes

Henry got Single (aka he “got” Divorced)

And once he came up for air, and had moved into his own condo, attempted to cook actual meals (and defaulted to Grab and Go meals) – he decided to create a brand new Him.

Inspired by his younger, hipper sister – who encouraged a new wardrobe: his new mantra was, “Out with the old and in with the new.”

At the fervent urging of his sister, he tossed out many, many, bags of old, worn, dated clothes and agreed to go on a shopping spree with his sister. 

These were the TOP 20 Must Have items 

1.Navy blue blazer.

2.New straight-cut blue jeans.

3.Khaki pants.

4.Mid-gray wool pants: light weight.

5. Good Khaki shorts.

6.White and light blue button-down oxford shirts. 

7.White and light blue dress shirts (something in a finer fabric)

8.Classic black grenadine necktie.

9.Four other neckties – colored, textured solids, knits.

10.Five White linen hankerchiefs

11.Plain white t-shirts.

12.A couple of other plain t-shirts: navy/heather gray 

13.A trim-fitting solid polo:white 

14.Gray crew-neck sweatshirt.

15.Cashmere v-neck sweater:l ight gray 

16.New, plain white sneakers.

17.Dressy Black cap-toes.

18.Brown dress shoes.

19.Brown casual shoes 

20.Two Belts to match shoes.

Dalys 1895.com

black casual classic clothes

Shopping 101

FACT: Procuring all these sartorial statements took time – Two weekends – hours online – and mucho money. Henry was over the moon impressed with his new “self.”

And so it begins, a new chapter.

Dates bombing at the bar? Think: coffee

cocktail-995574__180Are you playing Hide and Seek with First Dates?

Is he interested  and available and then- Bam! He disappears? 

Pssst: We call these guys Rude Dudes. And, advise you to avoid them at all costs,

Mimi B. lives in Millbrae ad considers herself a pretty, smart, successful woman. She had several boyfriends in college. She dated the love-of-her-life for two years before he broke up with her  and married someone else, a year later. She had dabbled on Match and jumped over to Bumble

She enjoyed a flood of attention and met tons of guys who were “Fine, not great.” Next. She got swept up with Tinder. Mimi B regales her friends with Tinder stories- some have been great- others laughbable and some very disappointing. Then she hit her stride.

She laughed she could teach a class on weeding out dead end dates and the all-talk-no-action boys.

Have you ever been Stood Up? How many times?  More than once? Twice? More?


Date night: You are dressed up, looking good, excited to meet the man you have been swiping texting thinking dreaming about…No dummy you, you text him to confirm the 9 pm drinks/date at the HaRa. Crickets. Tapping your foot – your mind races thinking of myriad excuses…another?

A Three Way With Ben and Jerry Sounds Good?

Scoop: Try a simple coffee date…meet your dates in daylight.

Keep it Simple. Cocktails on Date #2.


This is not a lecture…just well-reseached data on dating.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill