My first Tinder trap: one woman’s tale

On your mark, get set, Look Twice….

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man and woman holding heart boards

On a dare, I tried Tinder.

Like everybody else, I read the scathing Vanity Fair article, Tinder is the Night.

Skanky accounts of Strangers in the Night hooking up for a quick tryst and “Hit him and Quit him” were pretty revolting.

Boys Just Want to Have Sex

My former college roommate is now a Stanford PhD and has a passel of millennials on her couch lamenting the SillyCon Valley Social Scene. This highly educated, very professional, and uber-smart, married woman dared me to try Tinder. (Note: at one time, said PhD was a table top dancing, lampshade-wearing party girl)

Let it be said, three Moscow Mules can erase inhibitions.

We were up and running and signed in and within five minutes, the aforepictured guy appears. Obviously, Matt Damon, George  Clooney were busy.

We howled. This had to be a joke.

And, indeed it was. Mr Funny Photo is a…

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Please release me; let me go-dating sites

The Great Escape!

Laurel Grove Loves...

I am done. Finished. I quit. No more Dating Sites for me.

This email came today:



Hi gorgeous,

How are you doing?Hope thanks for the message fine-Now whats next!… hmmn lets get to know more about each other, i like your profile. We share a lot in common and i think your not just interesting but amazingly gorgeous… and would like to know more about you…

i want you to know that distances does not mean anything to me bco i dont mind to relocate to meet that right woman of my life any where

all that matter to me the most is true love and to always be honest with each other

and i do believe those are the right key to a long and lasting relationship.

..and age is just a number to me as well..

i also want you to know that today is my last day on…

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San Jose Fireworks Debacle


July 4, 2019 – The Loudest, Longest, Worst…Fireworks  Bombardment

Pity the poor people staying in Downtown San Jose Hotels, Motels, Air BnBs –

…excited by the thrill of July 4th fireworks… daunted by din, the aural assualt, the noise reverberating, filling the sky for miles and hours.

Some counties ( i.e. Marin) have Public noise restrictions and all loud music must cease and desist by 10:00 pm.

11:00 pm The cacophony wa still booming…