Uh oh! The preexisting conditions!


Here are just a few of the preexisting conditions for which you could be denied health insurance, if Republicans succeed in repealing Obamacare protection.

Basically, we are mighty sure just about everyone in America will have one of these so-called conditions

or, very possibly someone in their immediate family who does.

PSST! Hey! This is just a “partial” list)

lace-2033434__340CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY at (202) 224-3121: Tell them to say NO to Trumpcare/Cassidy-Graham:

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Memories…Cats and dating


Everybody hated Cats on Broadway

People caterwauled their disdain for the felines frolicking on stage.

All except, Alan.

A rabid fan, while at grad school at Cooper Union,  Alan saw Cats 25 times in three years. If any friend, relative, or mere acquaintance arrived in New York – he would score low-priced TIX and “treat” the unsuspecting victim.

Flash forward, Alan (29, single, chess savant, hiker) now lives in San Jose – hangs out in Los Gatos and is Mr His penchant for bad musicals has morphed into a burning desire to be in a long-lasting, for real, romantic, committed relationship.

The Secret: He won’t admit to anyone that he has created an Excel spread sheet – history and analysis of his myriad dates: It is a  who, what, when and what he did he wear and – the piece d’resistance – the Outcome.

Memories: He has erased all “memories” his Cats frenzy and currently thinks of himself as a pretty cool cat. You say “Cats” and he throws his head back and laughs and says, “Hey, dude that was a long time ago -I am drawing a blank.” And thats it. A silly chapter in his life – c’est fini!

Clever boy.

Can you do that? Erase a bad chapter with a smile and a dash of bravado?

colored-pencils-374771__180Drawing a Blank

First words


The baby girl was a cute as a can be.

People would stop her mother on the street and admire the beautiful child.

Once the pretty baby graduated from baby carriage to the stroller- more fans winked and  smiled and lavished praise on the pretty girl. The baby beamed, smiled and cooed. She was alert, engaging and a magnet for attention. 

Two years went by and the baby grew prettier – however, she failed to speak. She was examined, tested, analyzed and the consensus was she wouel speak when she wanted to.

On Halloween, she tripped and fell on the stairs and howled. She said, “Thorny!”           The family was so taken by her first word, they failed to grasp her meaning.

She howled louder, pulled up her Cinderella Costume and pointed to her knee and lisped: “Sore Knee!”



Ron Wyden-Oregon: beacon of Solutions


Ron Wyden Introduces Bill to Provide Free Credit Protections to All Consumers after Equifax Security Breach

Washington, D.C. – In response to reports that millions of Americans’ personally identifiable information and credit card information was exposed in a data breach at Equifax Inc., U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., introduced legislation to allow hardworking Americans to protect themselves from financial fraud at no cost.

Wyden’s Free Credit Freeze Act would guarantee all consumers can use PIN numbers to freeze and unfreeze their credit free-of-charge to stop fraudsters from opening new unauthorized financial accounts. The Equifax data breach, which exposed credit information of more than 200,000 Americans as well as Social Security numbers, birthdates and driver’s license numbers of an estimated 143 million Americans, has underscored the importance of credit freezes. Cybersecurity experts and the Federal Trade Commission recommend credit freezes as a method of protecting against identity theft.

But currently, credit bureaus charge consumers recurring fees as high as $15 each time they use their PIN numbers to freeze or unfreeze their credit reports. Those fees quickly add up for working families.  

Businessman Holding US Dollars

“Companies like Equifax that have stockpiled massive, insecure databases of Americans’ most sensitive personal data must make security the top priority at every single stage,” Wyden said. “Given the frequency of these mega breaches, it is simply unacceptable for the credit agencies to continue to charge hardworking Americans who want to protect their credit and their identity from fraudsters. The Free Credit Freeze Act gives power back to consumers by requiring credit reporting agencies to provide credit freezes to consumers at no cost.”

On Monday, Wyden, the top Democrat on the Finance Committee, along with Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, called on Equifax Inc. to respond to the reports that the firm experienced a data breach.

The National Consumer Law Center (on behalf of its low-income clients) has endorsed the Free Credit Freeze Act.

“The Equifax data breach highlights the need for consumers to have more control over their credit reports, including the ability to freeze and unfreeze without charge,” said Chi Chi Wu, National Consumer Law Center staff attorney. “Senator Wyden’s bill does just that.”

Wyden yesterday filed the Free Credit Freeze Act as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, which the Senate is currently considering.

Read bill text here.

   I have a Penchant for The Freeze Credit Act