Tip, Tipsy, or Tippler?


Girls Make Passes at Cute Drinks in Pretty Glasses

The pretty pink drink with the sophisticated name was a Best-seller for a decade. Snooty bartenders loathed the concoction. And yet, scores of ladies kept asking for “The Cosmo.”

Sydney bragged that she “didn’t feel a thing” after quaffing three of the pretty cocktails. Buzzed and blurry she slurred the sentence – causing gales of laughter from the other tipplers at the table.

Flash forward, and the ladies who laugh had updated their Drink du jour to the ginger-laced Moscow Mule served in the pretty, shiny, copper mug. The takeaway with the Mule was the it really had “a kick” and a girl would be “rendered bi-lingual” after two of the potent drinks. Whoa!

It took awhile, as the girls explored the Wide and Wild Wonderful World of Cocktails. Finally, the girls realized sipping wine had a certain  je ne se quois ( bonus: few calories, cost less, and fewer slurred word conversations)

Cheers, girls!






Loving Lee one day at a time?


Lee was a rock ’em-sock ’em rhinestone cowboy. He was bold, brash and outgoing.

On our second date, there was no doubt about it, this guy was a big-time drinker. His drink du jour was a Moscow Mule and he consumed several in a very short period of time.

“Keep them coming,  honey” was his advice to the cocktail waitress.

Given my background dealing with alcoholics, I gently slipped away -indicating I had spent way too much time with people who drink too much. Next.

Flash forward three years,  and I run into my old friend, Lee. He was exuberant and thrilled to see me. He announced he had turned his life around and wanted to see me again. 

He was very proud of himself- he said he had cutback his drinking dramatically.

I agreed to have dinner at his house Saturday night. When I arrived, he was opening a large box on the kitchen counter. It contained two glasses. Glasses? Heck,  they were  really big goblets. No, the glasses were actually the size of small fishbowls.

He  proudly explained that his  doctor advised to cut back on his extensive cocktail hour and relegated him to one glass of wine, nightly.

Lee confided in me that he didn’t have a problem – just a challenge. 

Let’s just say that we had “The Last Supper.” I carefully walked down the 12 steps from his condo to the garage, letting go and moving on.hope



On your mark! Get set- start flirting!



Happy New Year!

Now is the time for all good Singles to take a dive into the online dating pool.

New Year’s Day is the most popular Start Date for Singles of all ages to seize the day and the dating world.

Whether you are going to trawl around Plenty of Fish , or Try the 7-Day Free Trial at Match.com or any of the other dozens of Dating Sites:

Carpe Diem.three_sites_10

Word on the streets, for myriad reasons – tsunamis of singles decide to try online dating the first week of January every year. It is what we do. Join the Club!

Whether you feel Tinder or  you are a woman who want to be in control and want to Bumble around. Do it.

“Life is short – Break the Rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.”

Mark Twain


there is no time like Now

I dodged a bullet


 He promised me…

That he would behave, be cordial, polite and refrain from saying anything offensive. 

I had suffered through far too many embarrassing situations where he, Mr. Bravado, bragged, boasted and was a show off.

It turns out, my friends told me they found him to be quite “entertaining.” I knew they were laughing at him behind his back. He usually picked up the tab- that’s what they liked about him.

On our first date, we waltzed around Nob Hill; dinner at the Stanford Court, Champagne and dancing at the Top of the Mark, nightcaps at the Fairmont. On our second date, he brought me a gift- a beautiful gold bracelet from Cartier. Rings and things and followed.

By the sixth date, I had decided to cut bait. Although he promised, his brash and bawdy behavior continued. Escaping from this egotist became a necessity.

 He wanted to dine at Season- one of San Francisco’s most expensive restaurants.                  I suggested we have a drink in the lobby bar at the St. Francis (with the long line of taxis waiting right outside.) It was siting in that public place, the Lobby Bar, over a glass of High Rock Ranch Sirah, that I returned the gifts to him and told him  that we were not meant to be. Mr. Bravado doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

It took 30-minutes for me to get away. When I returned home, flowers were waiting at my doorstep and a parade of phone messages followed. At first, his messages were sweet, they became more threatening. And finally, he stopped calling. 

I dodged a bullet.





Delete your “Must Have List”


Be careful what you wish for…

Marnie dreamed of marrying a tall, dark and handsome man. She made a Vision Board and collected dozens of magazine pictures of George Clooney types. She bought books about romance, dating, and the Law of Attraction. Her best friend gave her a copy of Dear Saint Anne, Send me a Man.  She read it cover to cover and wrote magical quotes on post-it notes. Her mirrors were slathered in post-it notes. She lit a candle every night. 

Coming Up Empty

Despite her avid attempts to meet Mr Right, Marnie complained that she rarely met any “TDH” men. Her dream guy simply had to be 6’2. She is 5’7 – in heels.

We met for coffee at Hannah’s Coffee Shop on the Alameda and chatted for two hours. Easily, a half dozen guys smiled our way, nodded, or said “hi.” Blind Marnie didn’t see a thing. She is so fixated on a George Clooney Clone- she does give guy 5’7 a second glance.

We walked across the street to the Whole Foods and went upstairs to the Beer Garden.

She finally agreed to – for two weeks only- look at and smile at men her height. We enjoyed a few of the 16 beers offered…and chatted with  some really cool guys – of every shape and size. Marnie slowly got off her high horse and unleashed some flirting mojo.

 In the time we were there, I was delighted to seek her give her card to two cute guys.She told them it would be fun to have coffee – and to call her. Bingo!


What are you wasting your time on? 


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To drink or not to drink? We have all been there

Boise Wedding Photographers
You are at the wedding…

Yet another best-friend is walking down the aisle…and you are one of the small army of bridesmaids…
Everyone slowly shuffles out of the church, laughing and chatting; the festive crowd walking over to the tented reception area.

The Best Man and his entourage look smashing in their dove-gray tails and black and white spats.They all really cleaned up well.

The Bridesmaids size up the Groomsmen and playing “dibs” (dibs on the redhead, dibs on the cute one, dibs on long hair, dibs on tall guy, dibs on the flirt with the twinkling eyes!) And so it begins.
A sea of tables of 10 polka-dot the outdoor reception...stunning arches of red and white balloons  frame the entrances. Waiters with trays of cocktails waltz through the throng offering  Martinis, a Cosmos, chilled Moscow Mules, or SideCars.

Salute! Cheers! Bottoms Up!


How many weddings to you have to attend before you realize that wedding scene with Sonny, in the Godfather, happens a lot?

And you ponder: Is it lust? Love? Or Liquor?

Hemingway said it best:

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. Ernest Hemingway