A waterfall of flattery


Alexis said time was flying- she was not getting any younger…

She put on her big girl pants and decided to go online and start dating. Again. She had put her big toe in the Online Dating Pool and met a few “great guys” who just weren’t right. The last year had been a dating desert.


She met Hal – a kind, warm, real estate guy who was retiring early and gaga about his four grand children and their parents.

Hal was a gentleman – was thoughtful and effusive with compliments. On their first date he flattered her often and she could feel her cheeks turn red. Again and again. Blushing had been an embarrassment her entire life.

Hal commented that Alexis “glowed.” He was the first man in years who didn’t tease her about the her redness. She thought she looked like neon.

He thought she was the most attractive woman he had ever met online. And told her so. She had to thank him for the compliments and ask him to slow down.

That was last month. They are now very much enamored and constant companions.




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Big Bummer: Amazon in bed with Ivanka?

Amazon Loves Ivanka

Amazon Prime… So long! Farewell – auf wiedersehen, good night.
I hate to go and leave this pretty site…

So long, farewell auf wiedersehen, adieu
I do – I do – I really must skidoooo!

So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen.
I’d like to stay but, I will Grab My Wallet...

While you sell Trump Brand: Clothes, Purses, Perfume and shirts and stuff.

I used to be a big time, avid, rabid  AMazon Prime Shopper –

but, now, there is a stopper.

So long, farewell auf wiedersehen, adieu- Amazon Prime

…no more shopping with you.


Grab Your Wallet Lists 50 Stores that Sell Trump Brands. You will be surprised.


Hey! Look me over


Trixie started out as a Baton Twirling Barbie in Junior High. The Team was: Blondes only, high pony tails, shorts skirts and deft skills at Baton. Her cadre travelled all over the state competing. It was rare that the  girls did not come home with the gold, silver or bronze.

In high school, Trixie joined the cheerleaders and stole the show with her gymnastics and Baton-moves thrown in for extra dazzle. While many of the other girls were blossoming, Trixie was tall, thin and thanked God and Victoria Secret for padded bras. Her high school graduation gift from her very cool grandmother, Channell, was breast augmentation surgery.

And so it began, over the moon-excited by her new figure, Trixie caught the bug. Her fairy grandmother (“Call me Channell, in public”) with the thigh-high boots, blonde extensions, short skirts, low cut tops and a perpetually surprised look on her taut face (a result of years of “touch ups”) “treated” Trixie to a nose job and a chin lift for Christmas.

After a stab at junior college, a new modelling agency ‘signed’ Trixie – now 5’9, thin, permed and very-dyed blonde hair cascading  to her waist. Channell was her ‘agent.’

A well known TV show was looking for new talent and Chanell had a brilliant idea for Trixie- she hired a voice coach to help Trixie to learn a song

The delightful lyrics were what the judges were looking for – All American, good girl:
“…I feel pretty..
… Oh, so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me tonight… “
Trixie may have been pretty, but she could not carry a tune in a bucket.
For two weeks she tried to learn the song, sing the song, say the song, mime the song- to no avail.
The high notes where too high – she could never reach “witty” wihout her voice cracking.
Flummoxed, Channell decided “Dancing with the Stars” was more appropriate for once Trixie, now Trisha.
Let the dance lessons begin…





What to Say – Call to Stop Trumpcare


Now is the Time: URGENT calls needed: Call to stop Trumpcare again

 Republicans are trying to gut our Health Care again and they plan to vote on the latest version of Trumpcare, known as Graham-Cassidy, next week.

Call key Senators now and demand that they block this dangerous bill.

Due to high call volumes, many  are trying both Wash D.C. and state offices.

NOTE: If you are connected to the same senator twice or get a busy signal, press the star (*) key to move on to the next call.

Here is a sample CALL SCRIPT

Hello, my name is (YOUR NAME) and I’m calling to demand that the senator protect our health care.

The Graham-Cassidy bill is just as devastating as all the other versions of Trumpcare. It would take away health care from millions of Americans.

I expect the senator to do the right thing and stand up for the health and wellbeing of every American. Can I count on the senator to do everything in their power to protect our health care and block the Graham-Cassidy bill?

Thank you for your time.”




Uh oh! The preexisting conditions!


Here are just a few of the preexisting conditions for which you could be denied health insurance, if Republicans succeed in repealing Obamacare protection.

Basically, we are mighty sure just about everyone in America will have one of these so-called conditions

or, very possibly someone in their immediate family who does.

PSST! Hey! This is just a “partial” list)

lace-2033434__340CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY at (202) 224-3121: Tell them to say NO to Trumpcare/Cassidy-Graham:

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Memories…Cats and dating


Everybody hated Cats on Broadway

People caterwauled their disdain for the felines frolicking on stage.

All except, Alan.

A rabid fan, while at grad school at Cooper Union,  Alan saw Cats 25 times in three years. If any friend, relative, or mere acquaintance arrived in New York – he would score low-priced TIX and “treat” the unsuspecting victim.

Flash forward, Alan (29, single, chess savant, hiker) now lives in San Jose – hangs out in Los Gatos and is Mr Match.com. His penchant for bad musicals has morphed into a burning desire to be in a long-lasting, for real, romantic, committed relationship.

The Secret: He won’t admit to anyone that he has created an Excel spread sheet – history and analysis of his myriad dates: It is a  who, what, when and what he did he wear and – the piece d’resistance – the Outcome.

Memories: He has erased all “memories” his Cats frenzy and currently thinks of himself as a pretty cool cat. You say “Cats” and he throws his head back and laughs and says, “Hey, dude that was a long time ago -I am drawing a blank.” And thats it. A silly chapter in his life – c’est fini!

Clever boy.

Can you do that? Erase a bad chapter with a smile and a dash of bravado?

colored-pencils-374771__180Drawing a Blank

First words


The baby girl was a cute as a can be.

People would stop her mother on the street and admire the beautiful child.

Once the pretty baby graduated from baby carriage to the stroller- more fans winked and  smiled and lavished praise on the pretty girl. The baby beamed, smiled and cooed. She was alert, engaging and a magnet for attention. 

Two years went by and the baby grew prettier – however, she failed to speak. She was examined, tested, analyzed and the consensus was she wouel speak when she wanted to.

On Halloween, she tripped and fell on the stairs and howled. She said, “Thorny!”           The family was so taken by her first word, they failed to grasp her meaning.

She howled louder, pulled up her Cinderella Costume and pointed to her knee and lisped: “Sore Knee!”