A Movie Date: must have food

two white and red admission tickets

Best Carmel Corn in the World? Maybe …

Think: The CineLux Theater

Charles Dickens was right:

A first date can be the best of times and  the worst of times…

blur close up date focus
It’s time for fun.

To ensure a memorable first date always plan for three things: ambiance, comfort, and entertainment. The CineLux Theater has it all – in spades…and great food!

First, forget about boring Raisinets and stale popcorn. The CineLux has a gourmet light-dining menu with the all-time BEST  caramel corn in the world..and they offer Local hand crafted beer and wine, Voila!

The Theater offers a great way to enjoy a meal with your movie. The menu includes: Hamburgers, fries, Nachos,  Sliders, Wings…desserts and the usual candy counter suspects. The luxury of dining, quaffing and plus a movie all make for a really great date.

Have a Seat: The theater gets gold stars for excellent pre-selected seating. Comfy chairs with small tables for dining and movie viewing are perfect. The theater is just the right size, street parking is available and it has easy freeway access.




Hamburgers, fries, Nachos,  Sliders, Wings…


Be a First Love or Last Romance?

First Love? Puppy love…

Laurel Grove loves...

Layer Love
Oscar Wilde said, “Men always want to be a woman’s
first love, women like to be a man’s last romance.”

What say you, Single Person?

Are you in it for the hunt? The chase? Or to develop a loving and meaningful relationship?

George (divorced, 60, Exec) in Los Gatos admits he jumped into the exciting world of online dating with a passion. He signed up for Match.com and went to work. He said he was a bit hyper about “The Chase.” He blames his love for sports and winning. He admits to dating three women at a time and enjoying evey minute. Until he didn’t. He said it was too hard remembering details about each woman. He made notes, had a file on each woman and still made a few faux pas.

He got caught in a quagmire of little white lies and embellishments. Lesson well-learned.

George calmed down and…

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San Francisco: tough place to live?

The Siren’s Call of The City

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It takes more than drive and determination to live in San Francisco


Living in the City -it’s not just the 40+ hills one must master…there is the Rent problem…Rents are higher than any hill in the City…the density -whoa! when did it get so crowded? Condos and apartments are mushrooming all over San Francisco, the city by the bay. (B-A-Y)

My former landlord, Daisy, lives in a mansion in Hillsborough with a very long drive way  and vast, pristine, gardens. How do I know? She insisted I drive – rush hour Friday- to give her a full month’s rent. No, Saturday would not do.

The Olympic Club Member sticker on her black Mercedes shone in the sun.

She was an unhappy woman. Brittle. Cold.  Who, with her husband, bought numerous building in San Francisco. Googling them was easy…understanding the rude and dismissive behavior wasn’t.  I was just another rent check.13151714_1337383099611585_2931419872141676298_nNo garage –…

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He went from shabby to chic – in one “click”

Dude, Dress Up = Dalys 1895 is the Answer

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12552537_10153816436226063_4053098047250667699_nDaryl had been out of the dating scene for decades.

Bam! He woke up single with a closet full of schlumpy old man clothes. And he knew it. All the cool guys in the the condo complex were way groovier. He noticed…took notes and called for help.

His younger sister, Maya, flew out from Manhattan for a week end visit. She walked into his closet and told him to bring her five Hefty garbage bags. The old Samonsite luggage had to go. She filled them with ancient running shoes, worn belts and the beat up briefcase from law school.

Within an hour, she had culled the few classic wardrobe items (Keepers) and tossed the sad, old, worn-and-torn outdated pieces.

unnamed-4She then directed him to her favorite Men’s Fashion websites:

Daly’s 1895

Within Minutes…

He went from dull and lifeless…Maya ordered a few Wardrobe Must Haves:

New Belts: Black and Brown

A new handsome…

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San Jose Dating: Fright or Flight?

Party like it was 1950!

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First, there were the Boys in the Dorm. Zero.

17796546_1716136461746308_3698890515670924439_n-2Then, the Socially Awkward Boys at Google:pexels-photo-981096.jpeg

So, you try Tinder...Bumble…Plenty of Fish and then Match.com


Madison tells the story of her friend, Zoe, coming to visit from Kansas City.   Zoe was thrilled to be in California and couldn’t wait to party with “cool Silicon Valley guys.” Madison opined that was an oxymoron. She claimed the boys in The Valley were just like High School or big  Private Party sex orgy jerks (see: Vanity Fair)  

Zoe suggested having a party in the apartment Rec Room and to put up signs and balloons. Madison rolled her eyes and said that was “way too Mid West.” Not one to take “No” to party planning – Zoe was full steam ahead and placed Party Invites on various bulletin boards around the huge apartment complex and encouraged  Madison to text all…

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Are you playing Old Maid? No Way

We, The Women, Dont Like and Won’t Tolerate BULLIES

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retro-1291738__340Once upon a time, along time ago, Single women were called spinsters.

As a child, I remember there were church ladies: widows, old maids, spinsters-wearing gloves, hats and sensible shoes, with dark wool coats and purses on their arms.

They seemed quiet, demure and quaint-very Eleanor Rigby- holed up in apartments. It seemed there was a small, army of quiet women.

Who’s to say there weren’t weekly parties with pitchers of martini’s, embroidered cocktail napkins, Wedgewood plates piled high with Pigs in a Blanket, silver bowls with warm, salted almonds, Velveeta squares on a Ritz crackers and the stereo playing Rachmaninov and Sinatra?

Flash forward, and, today, Single women come in many shapes, sizes and status. Some of us are Single-on-purpose, divorced, widowed, not interested, Gay, happy alone, still looking.

We are a sisterhood.

Fact: Women can lapse into a serious conversation with another woman in the time it…

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