Beware, Binkie! Look hard and long before the leap


Leaving on a Jet plane?  Think Twice: Long Distance Dates 

Sharon was smitten. She met Romantic Robert on a popular dating site. His photos, funny observations and pictures of his new Porsche overshadowed the fact that he lived two time zones away. She said she loved his writing and all his pictures. She shared many of his passions (cars, Mad Max and 600 count sheets) Truth be told: she was hot to trot. Sharon had been in-and-out of too many sour relationships and was ready for fun, romance, and passion.

After a handful of emails, they spoke on the phone. He was a big flirt, and he said, “Come to Atlanta, Sugar – I’ll show you the town.” (Notice: he didn’t say, “Let me buy you an airline ticket and I will graciously pay for your hotel room.”) Her friends told her to slow down, to ask more questions, to Google the guy, get to know him – more than via text messages, emails and a few phone calls.

She wanted to go the distance

She had tons of frequent flyer miles, her cousin lived outside of Atlanta, and she was confident that Robert was all that he claimed to be: single, a long distance runner, a gourmet, a CPA, and a Tulane graduate.

Take a page from this book

Shron’s expensive lesson is a lesson for one and all. She threw caution to the wind and flew to Atlanta against all advice from friends and colleagues. He met her at the airport with flowers, which didn’t disguise the fact that he was much heavier than his photos; he drove a Ford truck (the Porsche was in the shop) and took her to TGIF’s for dinner.

He drank two Long Island Teas while she sipped a Diet Coke. Initially, Robert was a charming Southern gentleman, by the second drink he was a boor. His active flirting with the waitress was the crowning blow. She excused herself, and on the way to the ladies room, asked hostess to call a cab to take her to her hotel.

She graciously informed him that she was going to her hotel and she would call in the morning. He protested. He suggested she stay at his house. He wanted know the name of her hotel. She kissed him on the cheek and left. The long, expensive cab ride to her hotel gave her plenty of time to dissect her experience with Robert.

Her friends had been right. She had moved too quickly and made an expensive mistake. She called her nearby cousin and arranged to see her the following day.

She would send a polite “Dear John” email to him and end that chapter.


Top 5 Tips for Long Distance Dating

Long distance dates are rife with challenges. Be safe, be smart and plan ahead.

  • Always stay in a hotel. Can’t afford a hotel? Don’t go.
  • Never, ever stay in the other person’s home.
  • Upon Arrival: Take taxi /rental car to get to and from the airport. Never, ever get into a car with someone you’ve never met. Can you say Ted Bundy?
  • I’ve got a secret: be sane: There is no reason to reveal the name of your hotel until you are 100% certain your date is a Boy Scout. (Trustworthy, loyal, honest…)
  • Keep Safe: It’s a date, not a fashion show. No jewelry required. Keep your valuables in the hotel safe. Or at home.
  • Tell All: on every first date – in San Francisco – or out of state – be sure to inform several friends/family where you are going, staying, and the name and address of the person you are meeting. Yes, even coffee dates. Tell a friend.


Can you Afford this Date?

You do the math. Figure it out: roundtrip plane ticket, taxi to and from hotel, meals, and hotel charges. Then tabulate how much time are you willing to spend on a long distance romance? Katie used to say “All the good men in San Francisco are taken.”

She changed her mind before she landed at SFO.

Lesson learned. Look ( Google the Guy/Gal) before you even begin to Leap.


Top Eight Clues it is Over


Here They Are: The top 8 clues you are no longer in love.

  1. When he drives off to work in the morning and your mantra is ”Yee haw! I’m free!” That’s a clue

  2. When you hear his footsteps, returning home at night, and your spirit plummets, that’s a clue. 

  3. When you inch over to the very edge of bed to avoid any contact, that’s a clue.

  4. When you go to a party and forgot who came with… and have a fabulous time, that’s a clue.

  5. When he gets a cold and you move to the guest bedroom and are joyously alone, that’s a clue.

  6. When you’re shopping at the grocery store and pine for”Dinners for One,” that’s a clue

  7. When you retire all your pretty lingerie to the way back of the drawer, that’s a clue.

  8. In the bookstore you find yourself seeking out books on divorce, that’s a clue.

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Spooked by the New Year? 2020 Vision

We need 2020 Vision…

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You better watch out …You better not cry… 2020 is upon us

Most will agree, the last year has been spooky, disheartening, shocking and darn right scary.

What does one do in these dire circumstances?

Do the ‘Great Escape’ and leave town?  


Seek out Impeach Jam Recipeshomemade-jam-1886343__340


Or! Hello!  have yourself a cozy little gathering with like minded individuals?

First, make yourself a reputation for being a creative genius. Second, surround yourself with partners who are better than you are. Third, leave them to go get on with it.

David Ogilvy


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The Hut? Famous SCU Dive Bar is Back!

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Tearfully, we sang:

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye


The Hut

The musty, dusty, dirty, old Dive Bar has been serving cocktails for decades. Call it what you will – party central, a safe haven, the only-Bar-almost-on-campus-for 5o years. Generations of Broncos have gathered in the bar to imbibe, party and discuss the burning topics of the day: Football, the Draft,Viet Nam, religion, politics, Baseball, Boat Dances, dating/not dating, Homecoming, elections, and The People’s Float…

Winterize Your Home AdID? Who needs an ID- well, not a real one.

Every few years, there was always a clever Bronco boy – it was always a boy – on campus who knew how to create the infamous, and much sought after, revered, Fake ID. It was like a Ticket to Ride at The Hut.

Saints and Sinners

A plethora of people frequented The Hut

Dads and Grads was a “thing.” For recent grads, The Class Reunion Pre -Party at the Hut was…

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What not to do on New Years Eve


How to Win Friends and Influence Singles…


Obviously, Chugging a Bottle of Champs – bad form…Boys on one side of the room anf girls on the other? Break down the Barriers softly and introduce yourself.

animal-17474__180-2        Liar Liar:  Don’t do This:

Divorced Carolyn with the big Ego brags she is a doctor. Really? Her Alma Mater gave her an honory doctorate in Home Econ. Her business card reads “Dr.” Your know, In mere minutes the truth will come to the fore…

argument-238529__180Don’t Come on so strong




Ditch the creep, now

Beware the facade…

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Merry Lea fell head over heels for Peter G. 

They met online- had a two-hour coffee date and within 30 minutes she knew. He was everything on her My Man Must Have List. She was smitten

They dated, hot and heavy,  for three weeks before she introduced Peter G to a small circle of friends. The day after the soiree, Glennis – her former college roomate, called to say thanks for the invitation and offered to take her to lunch. That day.  In an hour. Impetuously, she agreed and found Glennis in a window seat at the Santana Row cafe looking very solemn.

After the usual hugs and exhange of pleasantries, Glennis cut to the chase and said she knew about Peter G. Merry Lea laughed and wanted to know, “what and  how.”

It turns out out, Peter G had recently been in a relationship with a woman Glennis knew…

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He was Single and in need of new clothes

Be Chic…not shabby…

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Henry got Single (aka he “got” Divorced)

And once he came up for air, and had moved into his own condo, attempted to cook actual meals (and defaulted to Grab and Go meals) – he decided to create a brand new Him.

Inspired by his younger, hipper sister – who encouraged a new wardrobe: his new mantra was, “Out with the old and in with the new.”

At the fervent urging of his sister, he tossed out many, many, bags of old, worn, dated clothes and agreed to go on a shopping spree with his sister. 

These were the TOP 20 Must Have items 

1.Navy blue blazer.

2.New straight-cut blue jeans.

3.Khaki pants.

4.Mid-gray wool pants: light weight.

5. Good Khaki shorts.

6.White and light blue button-down oxford shirts. 

7.White and light blue dress shirts (something in a finer fabric)

8.Classic black grenadine necktie.

9.Four other neckties –…

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My first Tinder trap: one woman’s tale

On your mark, get set, Look Twice….

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man and woman holding heart boards

On a dare, I tried Tinder.

Like everybody else, I read the scathing Vanity Fair article, Tinder is the Night.

Skanky accounts of Strangers in the Night hooking up for a quick tryst and “Hit him and Quit him” were pretty revolting.

Boys Just Want to Have Sex

My former college roommate is now a Stanford PhD and has a passel of millennials on her couch lamenting the SillyCon Valley Social Scene. This highly educated, very professional, and uber-smart, married woman dared me to try Tinder. (Note: at one time, said PhD was a table top dancing, lampshade-wearing party girl)

Let it be said, three Moscow Mules can erase inhibitions.

We were up and running and signed in and within five minutes, the aforepictured guy appears. Obviously, Matt Damon, George  Clooney were busy.

We howled. This had to be a joke.

And, indeed it was. Mr Funny Photo is a…

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