Drinking 101: How to order a cocktail?


Missy and Tiffany, 22, just graduated from The Big School in Palo Alto. They studied so hard, that they partied very little.

Now, it was time for them to learn about happy hour, cocktails and mixology. Before exploring the numerous hot spots they read about on Yelp,  the did what most nerds do to learn about “things.” The went online and got drunk on information.

Tiffany thought Drinking Well and not throwing up in public was important.

Missy wanted to learn to like Scotch and wanted to know exactly what to order in a dive bar. Her cousin told her not to order a Cosmopolitan in a skanky, dive bar. She learned Rum/Coke, Gin/Tonic, Vodka/Orange were all very cool to order. The two girls spent hours scouring Supercall.com

Somewhere, Missy had heard about a Palo Alto hot spot called Rosewood. the girl decided to dress up and go play where the big kids were. They would merely copy the other girls.

The two, petite, recent college graduates spent hours on Pinterest looking at cocktail dresses and traipsed through H&M and Forever 21. They both bought dresses, went on YouTube for make up tips and they were ready.

Read the fine print

The girls entered the bar and saw swarms of women floating around flirting. There were many men – lots looked like engineers from their classes. They “bellied up to the bar,” as instructed online. They both ordered white wine, to be safe. Liquor might be quicker, but they were still a little unsure.

The floorshow– was women in two’s and three’s drinking with one man, going on to another, people leaving the bar and returning was like watching The Animal Channel. It no time, the girls realized they were in Cougar Town.

They were out of their comfort zone – but stayed to watch.



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Dating- why all the fight or flight?


Cougars are a breed unto themselves: Older women praying for and preying on younger men. Next!


Sugar Daddies, erroneously think lots of money will buy them love. And will argue their case… Next!

Little Ms ShopAround, wants her boyfriend to lavish love, attention, and things upon her. He loves her. She loves “things.” She adores strolling down Santana Row on his arm – shopping, flirting, manipulating her arm candy to buy her a trinket here, a  drink there, tapas here and cruise into the Tesla showroom to slink into the front seat and swoon. She wants him to buy her evidence of his affection: a Ted Baker trinket, a Kate Spade bag, a Tommy Bahama Retro Mini dress. Worn out and happy to serve, he concurs with high hopes for “horizontal time with his honey.”


Then she gets whiny, tired and like a petulant princess, she pitches a fit. Again.

Waking Up in Hard To Do

Tired of being a punching bag and a “free lunch,” he wakes up; his wallet lighter and his heart heavy and he leaves the scene of the crime  her abuse and manipulation.

No fight – just flight. Next!


Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.

Sun Tzu